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Vogue Italy’s first fashion week in Africa highlights headliner supermodel Sam Sarpong!!

Vogue Italy’s first fashion week in Africa highlights headliner supermodel Sam Sarpong!!!
2012 brings in abundance of work and play for supermodel Sam Sarpong, seems like in 2012 Sam Sarpong is the man to be. He has some extremely impressive events coming up.  Vogue Italy will be sponsoring its first ever fashion show in Africa on October 5th-7th. Sarpong will be headlining the event.  It will be located at the Moeven Pick Ambassador hotel. Proud sponsors of the event are Blackberry, Moet, and Virgin Atlantic. The two designers Sam will be headlining for is Morts & More from Britain, and Orange Culture based out of Nigeria. These will be the only men fashion shows, and Sam will be headlining both. Sam is extremely busy these days, and he is creating a profound name for himself.  As soon as he returns home he will be going through preparation for LA Fashion’s week.  Concluding LA fashion week Sam will be throwing a huge party for his limited addition tee-shirt line with IVOGUE on October 17th at the IVOGUE store. The event will be red carpet, and multitudes of celebrities will be coming out to support his rapidly moving career. Then, he will be off to Toronto to headline fashion week from October 21st to 27th. While in Toronto, on the 27th he will also be hosting the Planet Africa Awards and having a tee-shirt launch party there at fasinfrank. This makes Sam the only male model to have his own tee-shirt line; all of this taking place a week after Paris fashion week. Currently, you can see Sam on AXS Live as a host which airs every Saturday, and the international face of an edgy rock brand BOY LONDON. Next month he will be a lead role for the terrifying horror film,” angels landing” and is soon to begin his journey on his music tour. Sam states, “This is the busiest time in my life, but it is also very exciting traveling the world and getting to do what I love to do. “
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