Chris Evans or Rather Captain America Without His Uniform!!!


Yes, I met super hero Captain America this week! Sometimes actors pretend they are  just actors/artist but this guy’s a real super hero… Well the movie did great at the box office this month anyway!:)

Photo:David Aguilera

Ariana Grande Looking Like Cute Mustard Instead Of Ketchup!


Ariana Grande was all smiles while wearing what could be the coolest yellow dress ever! I almost wore the same thing but mine was from Macy’s!:)

Photo David Aguilera

Victoria Justice Held Her Little Cupcake Hostage While Smiling!


Actress Victoria Justice was about to eat her tiny little cupcake when all of a sudden she was waving to fans at the Kids Choice awards in LA!!

Photo;David Aguilera

Lea Michele looking Excited About Wearing Two Rings During Glee’s 100th Party!




It Looks like Glee’s Lea Michele was excited about wearing two rings on her hand during the Glee 100th episode party this week! … So what was the other ring about~ Lets find out!

Dianna Agron Brings Back The 1980′s With Her Colorful Pastel Colored Dress!



Glee’s Dianna Agron was all smiles while wearing her very bright colored dress at the Glee 100 party Hollywood!

Naya Rivera Sighted Chatting With Her Glee Entourage!


Naya Rivera was seen chatting with her Glee cast mates at the 100th party of Glee this week in Hollywood!


Melanie Griffith Brings back The 1980′s With Cool Sunglasses!


Melanie Griffith Brought back The 1980′s With her Cool Sunglasses this week while having lunch with friends in Hollywood!

Angelina Jolie Is All Smiles At The Independent Spirit Awards Show!



Angelina Jolie was all Smiles At The Independent Spirit Awards Show while arriving with Brad Pitt!


Singer Justin Bieber Has Been Arrested!!


Singer Justin Bieber was arrested for allegedly DUI, Resisiting arrest and driving without a valid license! The singer is seen here in his mugshot.

Actor Paul Walker From The Popular “Fast & Furious” Films Has Died In A Tragic Car Accident

Actor Paul Walker famous for his hit film franchise  “The fast And The Furious” was involved in an accident that happened in Santa Clarita ,north of Los Angeles. According to multiple sources connected to Paul , the actor was in a Porsche when the driver allegedly  lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a post or a tree and the vehicle burst into flames. God Bless his family during this difficult time. We very much enjoyed all of Paul’s films and he will be greatly missed. is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.