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The Daily Puke!


Hilarious and artistic humor!(CircusHour)

Britney Spears can act!(NewsToob)

Victoria Beckham born to shop!(CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Bill&Teds excellent re-make!(Geno’sWorld)

Jessica Alba!(Farandulista)

Naomi Campbell arrested again!(Seriously OMG WTF)

Gummi Bear lost weight!(Notorious)

Nicole Richie is kinda a designer!(Celebwarship)

Patrick Dempsey is an Avon man!(RightTV)

Madonna’s new video!(CelebritySmack)

Whitney Houston’s response to Bobby Brown!(POTP)

The Daily Puke!


Ashley Tisdales’s second nose!(Geno’s World)

Alicia Keys does Cosmo!(Celebrity Dirty Laundry)

Britney Spears is good for ratings!(CelebWarship)

Heidi Montag’s new music!(Notorious)

Lauren Conrad’s new fashion line!(NewsToob)

Katie Holmes collapsed!(Farandulista)

Jamie Spears engaged!(Right Tv)

A I’s David Ford!(Seriously OMG WTF)

Kate Bosworth does Letterman!(CelebritySmack)

Paris Hilton’s Facebook pics leaked!(PopOnThePop)

The Daily Puke!


Kate Beckinsale likes hot pockets!(Geno’s World)

93 yr old bodybuilder gives Britney Spears advice! ( Celebwarship)

Christina Aguilera shops in Beverly Hills! ( Farandulista)

Audrina Patridge photo’s!(Right TV)

Jennifer Lopez and her newborns!(NewsToob)

Steve-O checks into Cedars-Sinai!(Notorious News)

It’s a boy for Melissa Joan Hart!(Celebrity Cowboy)

Celebrities when they were young!(CelebritySmack)

Latin Blogs!(Alejandro Pa’ez)

Remembering Richard Grieco!(Seriously OMG WTF)

Oprah hits 246 POUNDS!(Celebitchy)

Heather from Rock of Love!(Pop On The Pop)

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Gwen Stefani mulls baby names!(Geno’s World)

Ashley Tisdale! (Farandulista)

Minnie Driver’s pregnant!(Celebwarship)

Ashlee Simpson in a bikini!(Newstoob)

Heather Mills gets her money!(CelebritySmack)

Paris Hilton’s new show!(Hollywood Headache)

Lilo is broke!(Notorious)

Simon Cowell donates $162k!(PoponthePop)

The Daily Puke!



Britney character reality check!(CelebritySmack)

Rambo 5 coming soon!(Geno’s World)

Paris & Benji stink it up!(CelebritySmack)

4 minutes and Madonna!(Farandulista)

Jenna Jameson does PETA!(NewsToob)

Britney Spears gets a debit card!(Notorious News)

Dawn Wells and Mary Jane!( Right Celebrity)

Britney Murphy spawning plans!(CelebWarship)

The Daily Puke!


LiLo! (GalleryOfTheAbsurd)

Brad and Angie getting married!(Geno’sWorld)

Christina Aguilera!(Farandulista)

K-Fed got FAT! (Notorious News)

Queen Britney!(NewsToob)

Jennifer Aniston dating a key grip?( RightCelebrity)

Nicole Richie doesn’t like big boobs!(Celeb Warship)

Brooke Shields does Milk!(Celebrity Cowboy)

The Daily Puke!


Eva Longoria pregnant?(NewsToob)

Angelina Jolie and Maddox!(Celebwarship)

Is Jennifer Aniston ruining Aaron Eckart?(Geno’sWorld)

American Idol scandal! (Notorious News)

Pink & Hart divorce!(Farandulista)

Kirstie Alley and Jenny Craig!(Queen Of Snark)

Amanda Bynes at Los Angeles premiere!(Celebrity Smack)

French beauty Marion Cotillard!(MPAnewsonline)

Nicole Kidman’s bump!(Poponthepop)

The Daily Puke!


Jamie-Lynn is still pregnant!(NewsToob)

Knight Rider Premiere!(Geno’s World)

Paris Hilton’s birthday party!(Farandulista)

Hayden Panettierre on Valentines day(Notorious)

Blake in Jail is mad classy!(Celebwarship)

Britney updates!(CelebritySmack)

The Daily Puke!


Top ten Superbowl ads!(Bumpshack)

Zac Efron looks like Romeo!(Farandulista)

Battle for Britney!(Celebwarship)

Victoria Beckham quits Spice Girls! (NewsToob)

Paula Abdul’s Superbowl performance!(Genos’ World)

Miley Cyrus in theatres a little longer!(PoponthePop)

Angie and Brad in Santa Barbara !(Adeline &Hazel)

Katherine McPhee got married!(Right Celebrity)

Heidi Montag’s new music!(LARagMag)

Scarlett Johanssons’ new album!(Notorious)

Melanie Brown parties in Montreal!(Maplejuice)

Latest movie news!(CC2k)

The Daily Puke!


[youtube OZ8AKEHTAGs]

New Star Trek movie website launched!(CC2k)

Cloverfield Movie Premiere!(Geno’sWorld)

Rachel Bilson tries too hard!(Poponthepop)

Gwyneth Paltrow pregnant?(RightCelebrity)

Amy Wino’s troubles continue!(Celebwarship)

Tom Cruise is #2 (Notorious)

Demi Moore in V magazine!(Farandulista)

Tara Reid photoshoot!(Maplejuice)

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