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Singer Lily Allen Rushed To The Hospital!

Singer Lily Allen was rushed to the hospital Friday night for what is believed to  potentially be a fatal blood-poisoning condition called  septicaemia. Get well Lily!

Lindsay Lohan & Lily Allen’s Night Out Together!

Lindsay Lohan & Lily Allen left the Chateau Marmont together after midnight and went howling around Hollywood last night!

We Love Lily!

Our favorite english bird Lily Allen was seen en route to a studio in Los Angeles to record her new album before going back to the Uk on Wednesday. I have to say, choosing hot pink as your 1st choice for hair color would typically be considered quite random, not to mention unattractive. Lily seems to pull it off without a doubt, and looking posh as ever. Maybe it’s her cheeky personality and timeless smile. Either way, this lady puts the milk on my cereal and I am looking forward to hearing her new album……soon!



Lily Allen Arrives At A Studio With A Giant!

Lily Allen was on top of her game this week recording new music for all to hear! Lily’s been spending almost all of her time in the recording studio with just bits of casual time with her friends while in Los Angeles!


Lily Allen’s favorite video of the day via her mySpace page!

[youtube Wffwg7pA0t8]

Lily Allen Please!!

Lily Allen’s having fun in Los Angeles! Lily has great music but her circus rainbow look is a bit Ummm… COLOR BLINDING!! Lily went to a Coffee bean and In N’ Out burger this week and she claims to be working out in between feedings! Welcome back to LA Lily, cuz that’s all we do is eat fast food, drink coffee and work out!! Good luck on the new album!

Amy Winehouse To Lily Allen :”You Can’t Hack It Lily!”


According to “The” Amy Winehouse is the latest pop star to go after Uk singer Lily Allen for canceling her US tour. “The” said that Amy stated, “Lily doesn’t have the stamina to make it in America and that some people like Lily can’t hack the pace of touring the States – but for me it’s been great.”

Ok, so who should win this catfight, Amy Winehouse or Lily Allen! Which side would you be on? Better yet who’s the better singer? You decide! LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

Uk Singer Lily Allen Went To Club Les Deux With DJ Samantha Ronson Last Night!



Singer Lily Allen showed up at club Les Deux last night in West Hollywood with Lindsay Lohan’s buddy Dj Samantha Ronson. Lily must have forgotten her good levi’s back in Seattle cuz those levi’s of hers looked tired! Lily left the club via taxi cab with some other friends around two in the morning. Ronson stayed behind.ÂÂ

Credit:David Aguilera/ LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

Lily Allen’s New Look, Post Her “My Space” Rant And She Looks Good!



After Lily Allen’s self pity rant on her My Space page last week, and her update of cheer as of late, Lily sported a brand new look at Mr. Chows restaurant last night that looks awesome! She definitely looks cleaned up, but i’m not sure the conservative look is gonna fly with her fans, however ya gotta give Lily some space cuz if she’s happy with her appearance today, then she’s doing much better than last week!

Credit:David Aguilera/ LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

Good Lily Allen And Courtney Love, Naughty, Naughty Lily Allen!


See good Lily Allen and Courtney Love above, Click on the link below to see naughty Lily Allen last night!!!

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