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Lauren Conrad Is Getting Married!


The Hills and Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad is engaged to be married! Just like her former reality shows the drama continues! After a long courtship her and her boyfriend William Tell will tie the knot. Laura was so excited that she blogged about it on her website today. She appears based on her blog post that she’s excited about the wedding process. Congrats to the former Laguna Beach resident.

Lo Bosworth & Lauren Conrad @ Voyeur Nightclub!

Lauren Conrad’s green fingernail polish  and Lo Bosworth spent the evening at the new  Voyeur nightclub in Hollywood last night!

Lauren Conrad Shops At Diane Von Furstenburg!!

Lauren Conrad wore a plaid shirt into a Diane von Furstenburg clothing store today…

Lauren can be seen next on the cover of Cosmo magazine during the month of  July…hopefully not in plaid!!! Lauren also has a new book out called “Lauren Conrad L.A. Candy!

Lauren Conrad’s Squishy Banana!

Lauren Conrad looks like she was dressed for the gym after spinning around in her new Mercedes!

Lauren Conrad And Her Fedora Hat!

Lauren Conrad gets trendy while stopping by a friends house yesterday wearing a pair of Tom Cruise style Risky Business sunglasses! I also wonder if Lauren will even miss Whitney Port now that she’s got her own show!!

Lauren Conrad VS Audrina Partridge?

Who would YOU Believe?

Audriana Partridge: Audrinaxo Speak!

I woke up this morning and it seems like just about every gossip magazine or blog has a story about Lauren hooking up with Justin.

I’m not sure what to believe. Though Justin and I have not been exclusive for quite some time, these rumors are very confusing and hurtful.

I can’t comment on whether they are true or false.


Lauren Conrad MySpace Speak!

I woke up this morning in a unfortunately familiar situation. Once again someone has mysteriously called Peanut Huckleberry and had him post another insane and completely false rumor about me. Hmmmmmm… I wonder who it could be? I’m baffled… What kind of person would enjoy watching blogs and the press tear me apart? I really wish I could figure out who would do this. Who is someone that I do not get along with, that possibly has too much time on his hands (between pathetically staged paparazzi shots), that has a relationship with Perez…? No one comes to mind. If anyone can figure it out can you please let me know because I am truly stumped.

The rumor I’m referring to is that I “hooked up” with Audrina’s non- boyfriend Justin.(eww.) This accusation is insulting on so many levels. I’m being accused of being a bad friend, a slut and a liar all at once. It would actually be funny to me if people weren’t taking it seriously. Do they think I was swept away by his wonderful manners and his commitment to my friend? I love it when guys burp in my face. So hot! Seriously?? I have never even been in the same place as Justin when Audrina wasn’t around. I have been there for Audrina for years of ups and downs with this guy. Now she is accusing me of hooking up with him?? It’s the most awkward position to put me in because I can’t defend myself without putting both her and Justin down.

Bottom line, I did not and would never hook up with Justin.

The worse thing is knowing that a friend, that I’ve known for years and even shared a home with, thinks that I’m capable of that kind of betrayal. I would NEVER hurt a friend like that!

Audrina – We promised we wouldn’t let people get into our ears and make us fight. You KNOW I didn’t do this and I have never given you a reason not to trust me. What you are doing is hurtful and I don’t want to fight with you. Whoever is telling you these things does not have your best interest at heart. I have always been there for you and now I’m being attacked for something I didn’t do. We are supposed to be there for each other when other people do this to us and today you are the one doing it to me. Today you are the reason people are saying mean things about me. You asked me if I did this and I told you I didn’t.

Exclusive- Brody Jenner And Lauren Conrad “LC” From Laguna Beach Have Lunch At La’ Conversations



celebritypukecom-brody2.jpg celebritypukecom-lc1.jpg celebritypukecom-lc2.jpg celebritypuke-com-brody2.jpg laconversation-rest.jpg

Exclusive-Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad LC, had lunch with other Laguna Beach celeb’s on Saturday October 21, 2006, at La’Conversations restaurant Weho. Brody and Lauren had lunch for about an hour. They appeared very friendly with each other. Brody has recently admitted to People magazine that he and Lauren are an item. The french restaurant is also a favorite for other celebrities like Nicole Ritchie and former flame DJ AM. is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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