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Kirsten Dunst Gets 3 Years Of Protection From Obsessed Fan!

Actress Kirsten Dunst successfully recieved a restraining order keeping an obsessed 51 year old French man from seeing her after the man allegedly attempted to contact her over 50 times and showed up at her mothers home!

Photo : David Aguilera

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Kirsten Dunst Does Mui Mui!


Kirsten Dunst looks all clown silly in her new Mui Mui Ad campaign!

Kirsten Dunst Is Addicted To Those Ugly Risky Business Sunglasses!





Kirsten Dunst Please take a day and go to your local book store. Walk to the periodical section, select a current issue of any fashion magazine and browse through the entire magazine. Please pay close attention to the new trends and accessories available at almost all of your local retail outlets. Select any combination of items and wear them immediately! The 1980′s are over Kirsten Please!!!!!!!

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