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Fear And Loathing In Lohan

Ms. Lindsay Lohan was spotted shopping with girlfriend Samantha Ronson at Maxfield this last saturday. Sporting her new Louis Vuitton, Lohan seems to be a pretty busy lady running around with her infamous significant other… Ronson. I am wondering when Lohan is finally going to come out with her bad self. I think it’s pretty hilarious she runs around town with Ronson, kissing, flirting and best of all yelling at any females that give an ounce of attention to her significant lipstick lover, and yet still denies being nicknamed the big bad “L” word. Who cares??? Apparently her mom claimed to OK magazine she is fine with it and as long as her daughter is happy, then she’s happy. Besides…. no one really cares. So Lohan, pull your panties out of a wad and bring it on. I can guarantee this won’t damage your reputation more than you have already……



Kimberly Stewart Goes Shopping!


Kimberly Stewart went shopping at Barney Of New York yesterday with a friend! Do you like Kim with her new short hair dew?

Kimberly Stewart Drives the Geeks Wild!


Kimberly Stewart drives the geeks wild with her cutie Rubik’s cube dress! Entertainment/Splashnews

Kimberly Stewart Spreads Peace Amongst The Beverly Hills Folk!


After a quick stop at Barney Of New York in Beverly Hills, Kimberly Stewart gives the peace sign to a waiting crowd of on-lookers!
Photo:David Aguilera/ LLC/London Entertainment/Splashnews

Lindsay Lohan, Misha Barton, Kimberly Stewart And Kelly Osbourne Party At Teddy’s NightClub!




First Lindsay Lohan met up with Kimberly Stewart and friends at Ill Sole for a late dinner. Afterwards Kimberly jumped in an SUV with Lohan and the girls headed to Teddy’s nightclub. Lohan and Kim partied at Teddy’s till two in the morning! Kelly Osbourne was also seen heading into Teddy’s and Misha Barton was seen leaving the club very early!

Credit:David Aguilera/ LLC/London Entertainment/Splashnews

Kimberly Stewart And Rachel Stevens Hang Out At Hyde Nightclub!



Hyde nightclub is supposedly on it’s way to fading out, but I guess some Celebrities haven’t received the memo yet! Kimberly Stewart and Rachel Stevens were but a few in attendance over at Hyde last night!

Credit:David Aguilera/ LLC.

Kippy Stewart Tote’s Hot Chewbacca Purse!


Kimberly Stewart almost got it right until you get to the Ugg boots! It’s ok Kim were almost there, just go back into Barney Of New York and ask the clerk what shoes Katie Holmes bought last week, then choose something else.

Credit David Aguilera/

Rod Stewart’s Daughter Probably Likes Black Sabbath!



Kimberly Stewart wore a Black Sabbath t-shirt and boots to the gym yesterday!

Credit:David Aguilera

Kippy Stewart Is All Sweaty!


Kimberly Stewart leaves the gym yesterday reminding us that sweaty hair is nappy Hair!

Credit:David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splashnews

Kippy Stewart: What Do You Think, Hat or No Hat?


Kimberly Stewart wears her leopard skin slippers to Coffee Bean in Beverly Hills! Roar!!!

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