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Keanu Reeves Braves The Rain!

Keanu Reeves braved the rain on his Norton motorcycle yesterday while wearing his cool black motorcycle gear!

Keanu Reeves Rides A Classic Norton Motorcycle!

Keanu Reeves spent the weekend riding one of his classic Norton motorcycles! Keanu’s also finishing up with his new movie “Henry’s Crime!

Keanu Reeves Lookin Cool!

Keanu Reeves was looking cool over the weekend while riding his West Coast Chopper down Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood!

Keanu Reeves Picks Up Some Magazines!

Keanu Reeves picked up some magazines at the famous Book Soup store in Hollywood this week! Keanu’s next film is rumored to be “Stompanato” also starring Catherine Zeta Jones!

Keanu Reeves Has A Late Dinner!

Keanu Reeves stepped out with a mystery lady while dining at Cafe Des Artiste in the wee hours of the night! It’s about time Keanu took a break from making all those action movies!

Keanu Reeves’ New Movie!

[youtube A_bNDv0-ZrU]

Check out the new trailer for Keanu Reeves’ new movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still!”

Keanu Reeves In “The Day The Earth Stood Still”


Variety magazine is reporting that Keanu Reeves is slated to act in 20th Century Fox’s remake of the film classic “The Day The Earth Stood Still!” The 1951 Robert Wise original starred Michael Rennie as Klaatu, a humanoid alien who arrives on Earth with his indestructible robot Gort. Klaatu’s mission is to warn the Earth’s leaders that an alien race will annihilate them if they don’t make up and play nice.
Keanu signed on to play Klaatu, according to the trade papers.

Keanu Reeves Loves His Fans!



While Keanu Reeves was trying to have lunch with a lady friend, every 5 minutes a fan would approach Keanu and ask him for an autograph! Keanu got up about six times within thirty minutes of trying to have lunch on Wilshire blvd., just to please his every fan!

Just seeing this poor man get up and sit down in-between bites was quite agonizing to watch after a while. I gotta hand it to Keanu he really gives it up for the fans!
Credit:David Aguilera/ LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

Keanu Reeves, Barely! Or Beardly!





celebritypukecom-keanu5a.jpg celebritypukecom-keanu6a.jpg celebritypukecom-keanu8a.jpg
Scruffy bearded Keanu Reeves ducked out on the photog’s Tuesday November 21, 2006 at Orso in Beverly Hills.

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