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Janice Dickinson Starts Her Holiday Shopping In Beverly Hills!

Janice Dickinson was busy holiday shopping yesterday on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with her daughter Savannah!

Photo:David Aguilera/

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Janice Dickinson Looking Cool With Her Big O’ Purse!

Janice Dickinson was all smiles yesterday after window shopping in Beverly Hills! You can also see Janice in an upcoming episode of  the hit show 90210!

Photo;David Aguilera

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Janice Dickinson Has A Six Pack And A Bikini!

Janice Dickinson shows off her six pack on the beach! Janice strutted her stuff on a beach in Malibu this weekend! Geez, I gotta go to the gym!

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Janice Dickinson: When Super Fugly Models Attack!

Janice Dickinson went to dinner at Nobu restaurant last night! While leaving  Janice appeared a little tipsy and was having fun posing for photographers. Suddenly Janice started chasing a videographer around and trying to hit him with a white scarf! It was pretty funny because scarfs don’t hurt much!

Janice Dickinson Enjoys Yogurt!

SuperModel Janice Dickinson stopped by the new Yogun Fuz yogurt shop in Beverly Hills yesterday!

Janice Dickinson Shows Off Her Wrinkly Bag!

80′s Supermodel Janice Dickinson showed off her flashy goods while having fun in Beverly Hills yesterday!

SuperModel Cheeseburgers Please!!!

Supermodel Janice Dickinson picked up some yummy In “N Out hamburgers the day before Thanksgiving!The funny thing was… Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were just TWO CARS in front of Janice grabbing their own burgers!!! GEEZ! After all that, i had to grab a Double double myself and taste what all the fuss was about….Mmmm that was goooooood!!!

Dickinson On The Loose!

[youtube JpPPco1bdc0]

Janice Dickinson was seen taking a stroll in Beverly Hills today while looking dapper as ever. If you haven’t seen her fabulous television show this year, the camera’s follow this outspoken supermodel as she attempts to open and run her own modeling agency in Los Angeles, where she helps kick-start the fledgling careers of beautiful young men and women hoping to follow in her footsteps. What’s up and coming for this Runway Alumni?? Well let’s just say the fourth season premieres this August and has the models living under one posh roof in Los Angeles, while Janice works to juggle her business challenges. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet this sassy broad but if I did I would be the first to buy a round of drinks. She’s one spicy lady on the loose and I am loving it………



Janice Dickinson Probably Remembering Her Old Lips!


Janice Dickinson fed her chubby lips with a foo-foo drink yesterday, before shopping in Beverly Hills! Entertainment/Splashnews

Bobby Trendy And Janice Dickinson Were Licking Each Other’s PinkBerry Until Paris Hilton Walked In!



Janice Dickinson and Bobby Trendy were chilling out over at Pinkberry on Santa Monica Blvd., in West Hollywood until Paris Hilton walked in on there fun! Janice immediately went over to Paris in line and started chatting with the poor girl. Janice came outside after chatting with Paris and said that she seemed really sad.

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