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New Mommy Hilary Duff Shops For fashion!

New mommy Hilary Duff took some mommy time for a quick shopping spree at Curve clothing store in Beverly Hills! Hilary recently welcomed her new son Luca! Congrats Hilary!! All your Pop Culture News! Get all your Teen Celebrity news! get all  your Celebrity Baby news! Get all the latest fashion news!


Keeping Up With The Famous!



For many people, one of the most exciting aspects of the entertainment industry is keeping track of the entertainers themselves. Whether you are most interested in sports, movies, television, or even fashion, there are certainly a number of different stars – actors, models, athletes, etc. – that you like to keep your eye on. For some, this is a way of keeping up with the latest celebrity styles and fashions. For others, it is simply interesting to keep up with the lives of famous people. Either way, one of the best ways to keep track of your favorite stars is to tune into the E! network on your “Direct TV” package. E! is a channel specifically designed to bring you the latest celebrity news and gossip, such as some of the things listed below.

Some of the biggest and most charming celebrity news in recent weeks is that Jenna Fischer (who turned into a superstar thanks to her role as Pam in The Office) has recently given birth to her first child, a son named Weston. This has been fun news for a lot of fans, as Jenna Fischer was to some extent already associated with pregnancy and new babies due to her character in The Office, who has recently had a daughter and is now expecting a son. At any rate, Ms. Fischer has certainly had some practice as Pam that could come in quite handy raising baby Weston!
Baby news is actually quite popular these days among Hollywood stars, seeing as Hilary Duff has also been in the news for her pregnancy. Ms. Duff has long been considered a darling of Hollywood, and fans have been thrilled to see her so happy over her pregnancy. Recently, fans got even more excitement, as Hilary Duff (while on the Ellen DeGeneres show “Ellen”) decided to publicly reveal the sex of her baby. It appears that she will be giving birth to a baby boy, which is sure to spark name guessing and debating among fans.
These are the sorts of news bits that you will be up to date on if you start watching channels like E! Of course, this is also the sort of information that spreads quickly, and winds up on magazine covers, etc. However, if you are someone who truly enjoys keeping track of celebrity news, and would like to be the first to know when stories like the ones above break, you are probably someone who would truly enjoy tuning into an entertainment-based television channel.

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Hilary Duff Is Having A baby And She’s Also Pregnant!!

Well, that’s what usually happens right! Anyway, Hilary Duff and her hubby Mike celebrated their one year wedding anniversary this week and surprised us all  by announcing Hilary’s pregnancy via her WEBSITE! uh.. remember when people would just send ya a Hallmark card! Anyway Congrats to the couple, I think I’ll just go watch reruns of Lizzie McGuire now and try to figure out where all the time has gone !! get all  your Celebrity Baby news! All your Pop Culture News! Get all your Teen Celebrity news! juicy celebrity gossip!

The Ez With Eric Zuley!

Hilary Duff Celebrates Her Birthday With Hailey!

Happy Birthday Hilary Duff! Hilary tweeted that she was celebrating her birthday with her sister Hailey Senorita Style this week!!

Photo via twitter

Hilary Duff Takes A Break from New York!

Hilary Duff spent a few hours at the Ken Paves salon in West Hollywood yesterday! Hilary had just finished with her hair when she stepped out of the salon to see a parking patrolman placing a ticket on the windshield of her car! Sorry Duff better luck next time!

Hilary Duff Gets A New Dew!

Hilary Duff was at the Ken Paves salon for about five hours yesterday!!! I could have built a small village in that amount of time… geez Hill!!! Hilary is currently working on the film “The Story Of Bonnie & Clyde!

Hilary Duff & Mandy Moore Stand Up!

Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore attended the Stand Up 2 Cancer merchandise collection Launch party at Kitson last night!The ladies supported the event by wearing the Stand Up 2 Cancer t-shirts available online at the Kitson Boutique store!

Hilary Duff Drops Her IPhone…Then Picks It Up!

Wouldn’t you? Well on her way to grabbing a hot cup of coffee, Hilary Duff ran out of fingers and her Apple IPhone fell onto the cold hard street! Ouch you say….. well The Duffster didn’t even bat an eye! I’m sure Steve Jobs would have cringed at the sight of this..or at least given her ten more phones!

Hilary Duff Shops At Trader Joes, Minus The Other Ring!

Guess who went shopping at Trader Joe’s yesterday! Yup Hilary Duff, and that ain’t the same ring! That big yellow square thing ain’t the typical engagment ring ya all! Hilary Duff also shopped for potatoes and bacon yesterday. Mmm i’m hungry too!!

Hilary Duff In Her Mercedes!


Hilary Duff was all smiles after taking a stroll in Beverly Hills yesterday! For her next gig Hilary will be appearing on TRL on Tuesday April 29th! is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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