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Soccer time is snack time for Britney Spears!

Ritz Bits, Cheeze-Its, Snow Cones and a dog. Oh, yeah. And there was a soccer game as well. Britney Spears enjoyed tasty treats while watching sons Sean Preston and Jayden James play their last soccer game of the season. Kevin Federline and his daughter (with Shar Jackson) Kori were also in attendance. See you next season!

Photos by: David Aguilera

Snow cones provided by: T. Belieber

Britney Spears Looks Great At The X Factor Premiere (Video)

Britney Spears was all smiles this week while arriving at the Grauman’s Chinese theatre to celebrate the premiere of her new show the “X Factor!” But wait! Will Britney be taking off to Las Vegas to perform at a Party Casino after she finishes with the X Factor? Well, anyway, Singer Demi Lovato, La Reed and Simon Cowell also attended the event at the Graumans Chinese Theatre along with thousands of fans!
Last nights airing of the show had huge ratings and after watching the show personally, I have to say I was very impressed! They did a great job of entertaining the audience and had some great performances as well as a great comedic relief with the sillier contestants!

The question still remains~What will Britney do after the X factor???
Well rumors of Britney Spears getting her own Las Vegas residency show has began!! Last year after a performance at the Palms casino, the singers manager Larry Rudolph has allegedly been in talks with the Hard Rock Hotel to have a residency set up for Britney! I think it would be great to have Britney’s show in Las Vegas! I saw her last performance and it’s choreography definitely had a Las Vegas show appeal!!


Britney Spears Is Engaged!!!

Britney Spears is engaged to her boyfriend Jason Trawick!!! The news was reported on Friday after Britney posted a message on her Twitter account  about receiving “the one gift” for which she has longed.

Photo:David Aguilera

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Will Nicki Minaj Push Britney Spears To the Back Of The Tour Bus?

Nicki Minaj is becoming a huge an unstoppable force in the music industry and now she’s touring with  Miss Britney Spears! Britney’s definitely earned her spot as one of the most influential artist of our time, but the spotlight is a fickle boot! Hopefully during their Femme Fatale tour the stage will  be big enough for these two mega stars? Britney recently did an interview  and spoke about Minaj“I think she’s great,” Spears said “She’s a great artist in every way and I’m really happy for her.” Well so-far so good! Let’s see how long these two gals can tour together!
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Rihanna and Britney Spears Rocked The Stage!

Britney Spears and Rihanna shocked the crowd last night at the Billboard awards in Las Vegas! Britney surprised the crowd by appearing with Rihanna midway during her solo performance of ‘S&M”! get all  your Celebrity Baby news! Get all your Teen Celebrity news! Get all your Pop Culture News! get all your Celebrity news in Spanish! Get all your celebrity dirt!

Nicki Minaj Will Open For Britney Spears Y’all!

Nicki Minaj will be the opening actor for Britney Spears’ upcoming Femme Fatale tour which begins June 17 in Sacramento, CA.!

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Britney Spears Pictures From Last Nights Performance On Jimmy Kimmel!

Miss Britney Spears performed live on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night and performed three songs! Tons of fans waited all day to see the pop princess and we where there to watch all the fun! While waiting for Britney we got to watch her dancers do three rehearsals but they did them with out Britney! Britney was across the street doing a funny skit with Johnny Knoxville!




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Britney Spears Tells Off The Tabloids!

Britney Spears wrote on her website today “PS – Star Magazine, Radar Online, Jason Alexander and the rest of you liars, Ya’ll can kiss my lily white southern Louisiana ass!” You go Britney! And happy belated Birthday!!!

Britney Spears Does “Glee” 13 Million People Watch!

More than 13 milion people tuned in to watch Glee with Britney Spears last night! The shows second highest ever rated show! Britney was on the show for only about thirty seconds but the Glee cast performed many of her hit songs!

Britney Spears Gets A New Look!

Britney Spears had a late night rendezvous  with bleach last night! Britney went from  brunette to  Blondie Just before midnight causing the cosmic shift back to Blondie’s having more fun! is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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