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The Beef on Blak Prince!



If you keep up with Audrina Partridge and MTV’s number 1 television show The Hill’s, you have been introduced to her recently ex’d boyfriend Bernard Steimann. Given you have probably picked up US weekly or another one of our fellow celebrity spotter mags, you have seen the two love birds together @ a series of events or trolling around Hollywood together. This season’s upcoming episodes features them both and a little taste of their drawn out on-off relationship (they have been friends since highschool), including their recent break-up back in February. Since then, Bernard has ventured out to start a fine jewelry line called Blak Prince, which is designed to cater to men. When I saw the collection, first thing I thought was, badass. This fresh, new line is the next best addition to the dream team of jewelry designers. Watch out people, because even though Steimann didn’t swoop Audrina off her feet, he’s going to take Hollywood’s fashion frenzy guru’s by storm.

Here’s a little beef about Blak Prince:Blak Prince is a new fine jewelry line designed specifically to cater to men. Inspired by the founders family heritage and personal travels to Germany, France, Greece, Rome, and other regions of Europe… Blak Prince takes root in ancient European and Byzantine culture, architecture, clothing, and jewelry. Based upon the lifestyle and splendor that shaped men poised as history’s most powerful rulers, Blak Prince is inspired by ancient European and Byzantine relics. This new and unique men’s fine jewelry line is unlike any other of this modern world, dedicated to the young and powerful man forging his own destiny. What does the Blak Prince Collection look like? In 2008 Blak Prince will release entirely new pieces to the world with amazing attention to fine detail and historical relevance to intrigue and charm the eye. The collection will consist of rings, bracelets, rosaries, pendants, cufflinks, and custom necklaces made from the finest .925 silver and 18k gold and semi precious jewels. Every piece will be extremely intricate, engraved, and other use unique techniques to absolutely set Blak Prince apart from the rest of the market. Observers will wonder if the pieces may have been pulled from a kings’ chest or perhaps from a museums’ most prized crowned jewel collection. Blak Prince redefines the glory and majesty of each young prince that shapes this world.Don’t be a loser and wait. Go to now to place your order….. is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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