Music Talent “Some Gifts” Delivers Musical Melodies That Are Changing The Fabric Of Sound For A Generation!


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Their are generally only three band that change the world in a decade. The band “Some Gifts” is one of these bands. “Some Gifts” is currently dominating the music scene with a trio of convincing talent that are veterans to the music scene. Musicians Vic Lazar, Michal Jung and Steven Aguilera are a trio of incredibly developed and talented performers that have created in what I can only describe as Melodic dopamine with their new EP debut of “All These Ghosts”. This trio’s melodic creations have developed into musical perfection that is currently being delivered on stage to anyone that is willing to feel the sounds pulsating through their veins and surviving the melodic connections to their soul. Songs such as “Storms All The Time” will change your reality. During a listening of their hit song “Human Decency” I found myself leaning into a trance of colorful euphoria of melodic tones and perfected drum beats that raised my dopamine levels to a place of translucent well being and psychosis at the same time!! The melodic overtures and perfectly aligned bass patterns with the smash of a perfect drum beat left myself and fans at there recent stint at “The Crest” wanting more by the end of the musical set. I’m personally looking forward to the powerful movement of followers and dedicated fans that are quickly spreading the word to where “Some Gifts” are performing, new music and enjoying their incredible album!

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