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The BEFFTA awards were held a few hours ago in London. This is the UK’s most prestigious awards show in Europe,celebrating the people of color. Awards were handed out in a standing room only crowd. The audience saw Beverly Knight win best female act and Beenie Man take home best international Caribbean act radio personality. Veronica Gordan also took home radio personality of the year. Supermodel Actor Sam Sarpong was also in town to receive his icon in fashion award for 10 years of excellence in fashion. Sarpong and designer of the year Award Winner Kwame Korentang were swamped by ladies on the red carpet as they posed for photo after photo after the awards show. Sarpong the actor who has 6 Films due out by Summer 2014 will also star in
one of the most highly anticipated shows next season called “Average Dad“. He was on everyone’s Best Dressed list wearing a Custom Suit by Kwame who dressed him for the night and a Caravelle New York Watch with Louis Vuitton shoes. The world Renown Fashion Blogger Stacey Heart stated “He always gets it right, he is Mr Fashion and he makes anything look good! “Congratulations to all the winners and BEFFTA’s for another great show.

Celebrities Enjoy Gaming on There days Off!


When it comes to celebrities enjoying there time off, they have many hobbies. Some enjoy going on holiday and others enjoy going to Poker charity events. Some of the most famous celebrities win big at these events. Whether you are playing blackjack, roulette or checking out any of  the popular gambling casinos you would find in Las Vegas, you are sure to find the fun online! With the hottest casinos now building websites dedicated to gaming you can be sure that you can have all the fun without even having to leave your home. Many celebrities are enjoying and making tons of money on the most popular gaming sites on the Internet and having fun at It may be fun to see celebrities at some of the poker celebrity gaming tournaments and watch how they deal there cards. But now days  you can go home and play online just like the celebrities. Whether you see actor Jack Black or action star Ben Affleck at poker charity events, you can be sure that they are probably enjoying some of the hottest card games websites online. Gone are the days of having to drive all the way to Las Vegas just to lose your money because of the lack of practicing gaming. Now you can play all of your hottest games and simulators online until you get good and then use your talents on some of the more popular gaming sites.

SuperModel/Actor Sam Sarpong and Australian Next Model Stephanie Murone at La Fashion Week And Starbucks.


Super model\Actor Sam Sarpong seems to be the MAN OF THE MOMENT in Hollywood right now. With three new shows, four feature films due out within the next six months and a music EP in the spring, Sarpong is about as hot as you can get.

Last week he attended the People Magazine”Ones To Watch” in 2014 party and later that night he was spotted at Starbucks running lines with Australian model\singer Stephanie Murone, who is most known as the face of the well known cosmetic line Natio. After also being spotted at various fashion shows for LA Fashion Week rumors started flying that the two were dating. Could Sam be taking notes from his good friend Tyson Beckford, trying to find comfort in an Australian model? “Sam is one of the most talented, giving and humble people I’ve ever known. His energy is amazing but no we are not dating he’s a good friend and I look forward to our projects together”. The two were both in the biggest show of the week for LA style fashion week “M”the Movement and both just completed the pilot”99 problems”. Next up Stephanie will play one of the leads with Sam in the Richard Sanchez feature film”Crimson”, which will begin shooting in Dallas next month.

Sam is no stranger to being linked to pretty women. Last month he was sighted next to Victoria Secret Super model Jessica White and a few weeks later spotted walking Eva Longoria out of a salon with eight police escorts as they got swamped by paparazzi.

This has been the busiest year for Sarpong’s career who’s currently in Toronto for Fashion week to host Caravelle New York by Bulova watches launch party and later this week he will receive the Icon in Fashion Award at the prestigious 2013 BEFFTA awards in the UK.

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Charlize Theron Chats With Freida Pinta & Dev Patel!



Freida Pinta and Dev Patel chat with Charlize Theron at the Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts center. This iconic photo shows a rare glimpse of celebrities in Hollywood hangout together.The center in Beverly Hills will be bring a lot of culture and arts to the area. It’s always fun to see stars like this having a fun night out and dressed in spectacular outfits.

Everyone Has An Opinion On Miley Cyrus!


Confession: I know more about Miley Cyrus than I do about the government shutdown. I am fully aware of how pathetic that sounds but I can’t help it. I don’t make enough money to care about the government and I have a soft spot in my heart for Hannah Montana. Maybe my generation would care more about politics if politicians wore skin colored latex panties and rode around on wrecking balls with ghetto French tip nail talons. It’s just a suggestion.


Everyone has an opinion on Miley and I’m no different. I love the bitch. I don’t have impressionable tweens that grew up watching Miley battle her split personality disorder on Disney and I’m thankful for that. If I had to sit my midriff baring 13-year-old daughter down and explain the concept of slut shaming and a woman’s right to explore her blossoming sexuality with the aid of teddy bears and twerking then yeah, I’d be pissed. But when I see other celebrities writing open letters to Miley like they’re going to help her see the light, I get mad.


When Sinead O’Connor wrote her first open letter to Miley urging her to stop being a prostitute I thought it was sweet, in a crazy-lady-on-the-park-bench-eating-fingernail-clippings sort of way.  When Sinead sent a fifth letter I thought it was overkill. Enough is enough. Miley isn’t going to stop wearing Champ’s Sports oversized mesh jerseys and slapping black women on the ass because some washed up Irish potato scented singer with mental instability tells her to. No, Miley is just being Miley and she’s making a ton of money doing it. Miley’s slutty antics have padded her bank account with $120 million. Work bitch!


But perhaps the best thing to come from this entire Mileygate is the recent letter from singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens. He doesn’t care about Miley’s tongue wagging, man humping, tiny bun headed shenanigans. What upsets him most is her poor grammar. If you haven’t read it yet, do yourself a favor and read it now. It made me realize just how ridiculous this entire Miley circus has been. It also made me realize I haven’t thought about using correct grammar since 2005.

Hopefully Mileypalooza will come to an end, and soon. I’m getting a little tired of reading about a 20-year-old girl’s pantless exploits. Maybe I’ll turn on CNN and find out what’s happening in the world or, at the very least congress. But first I’m just going to listen to “Wrecking Ball” one more time.

Lauren Conrad Is Getting Married!


The Hills and Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad is engaged to be married! Just like her former reality shows the drama continues! After a long courtship her and her boyfriend William Tell will tie the knot. Laura was so excited that she blogged about it on her website today. She appears based on her blog post that she’s excited about the wedding process. Congrats to the former Laguna Beach resident.

Hayden Panettiere Shows Off Huge Engagement Ring!

Hayden Panettiere Shows Off Huge Engagement Ring from fiance boxer Wladimir Klitschko! After three years of dating, Hayden confirmed yesterday that she is finally engaged! Congrats Hayden!!

Photo:David Aguilera

Over 156 Million Blogs Exist On The Internet Already!


Over 156 Million Blogs Exist On The Internet and behind every blog is a creative writer! Creative writers now have the chance to make a living writing via there own blogs! The world is constantly changing and blogs are the fastest form of communication that exist online today. With social networking now become a popular form of blogging, people are now becoming intertwined and connected to websites now more than ever before. With devices such as Google Glass and Smart Watches being developed to help keep us connected to websites, there is no telling how much more powerful bloggers will become. Currently we are using blogs for news, information and entertainment. Once these mobile devices become mainstream the future of blogging will have to adapt to the constant social communication abilities that are available to the next generation of readers.

Advertisers are seeing how important it is and how many people sift through blogs daily for information. You can now get more viewers online quicker than you can during a hit TV show. Before in the past, advertisers would pay millions of dollars to get television viewers to see there advertisements in-between commercials. Now days you can have millions of viewers instantly via the right website. Especially during breaking news and special events! Some sites get millions of hits a day that turn into a lot of advertising dollars. Some bloggers are actually already independently wealthy just for having a popular blog! There is no limit to the success you can have as a blogger. Powerful advertisers have added to the success of bloggers by placing top advertising on some of the hottest websites online! With the constant growth of websites online it’s always fun to see what the next brilliant blogger will do to intrigue his readers about a topic. Many bloggers are now breaking world news and changing the dynamic of our own living styles.

Miley Cyrus And Sinead O’ Connor Love Writing Each Other Love Letters!

Miley Cyrus And Sinead O’ Connor Love Writing Each Other Love Letters! Miley was so busy Twerking so hard that she awoke rock stars from the 1990′s! I have to say that although I like Miley and her efforts, Sinead has some really good points in her open letter to Miley. You can read the letter here and also watch out because Miley is taking some wild pictures with photog Terry Richards! is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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