Florida Offers Great Private and Public Golf Courses For Everyone

Florida is considered the headquarters of professional golf for more reasons than just year round good weather. The courses in Florida are beautiful, unique and challenging. You will find professional, semi-professional, amateur and casual golfers on every course making it easy to get up a challenge if you haven’t come with your own game. One thing that makes this one of the best places to play in the country is that the private and public golf courses in Florida are equally comparable. The main difference between golfing on each type of course will be green fees and services offered to players. Private courses frequently require membership for access as well.

The Florida Season

Florida does offer year round golfing but the main season is January through March. The weather rarely goes below 70 degrees in the winter statewide, so you will always have a comfortable playing day. August can bring some excessive heat and humidity, especially in the sub-tropic region of Miami and Southern Florida and August through November can have more rain, as this is the so-called “hurricane season.” Another key thing to know is that May through October in Southern Florida is the busiest golfing season. There is a balance of private and public golf courses throughout the state, so no matter where you go, you can get on the green.

The Private Clubs

There are many reasons to choose to golf on a private course rather than a public greenway. Private courses offer more in amenities to players, both on and off the course. Clubhouse will feature pro-shops, a restaurant or lounge plus there may be other fitness facilities available. Florida private golf clubs emphasize keeping the focus on the golf and do everything possible to keep the world from intruding on your game. It is easy to schedule lessons with the club pro, as well as attend special workshops to improve your game featuring touring pros. One of the best aspects about a private club is that it you can focus on your game and the social aspects of before and after in like -community. Membership’s fees and greens fees ensure that the best quality greens are available, as well as making sure you have all the amenities and services to make the day a success.

Best Public Golf Courses

It is no understatement to say that public golf courses are everywhere in Florida. You can find everything from 9 hole courses to larger courses offering multiple 18s at varying levels of skill. Many of the public courses are as well-kept as the private clubs as well as having pro shops and club houses as well. With a public course, there is typically an access fee but no membership fee although some public courses are considered to be linked and sell a season pass, similar to how a parks system pass works.

Golfing Packages

Many Florida private golf clubs will also offer holiday packages in which you can gain a temporary membership for the length of your visit. These packages are often combined with hotel offers and include lessons or a place in a local competition. If the course you are considering doesn’t offer a specific holiday package, you can reserve your tee times in advance and build your own. If you are travelling with companions who are not avid golfers, it can be easy to keep them happy as Florida is a mecca for beautiful beaches and offers much to do for any visitor. Many of the private and public courses are located near other popular attractions as well.


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