The history of blogs and the future of advertising!

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In the late 1990′s Web and Logs started becoming popular and informative discussion pages posted on the internet began to gain ground. A new word was phrased renaming web and logs into “Blogs!” As the internet grew, graphics, and computer technology continued to grow and people started using blogs to inform the world of just about everything from political events to worldwide news. The cost over expensive computers over time become more affordable to the general public. Computers like laptops and Ipads also became popular and gave the public an opportunity to leave the desktop behind. Desktops where bulky computers that confined us to a desk and were not mobile.Well now cell phones are taking over the web and consumers are now finding themselves browsing popular blogs at all hours of the day.It has even become popular for consumers to read there favorite blogs during work hours and on vacations.With internet access going wireless and global, blogs have become the fastest form of communications on the planet. If you want to learn anything now days you Google a blog that has that information.

People blog about medical issues and new inventions everyday. Many informative facts exist online and the general public can learn whatever they need to know almost immediately! Blogs have become very powerful centers of information. Advertisers have also taken notice. There are statistics that  show growing numbers of advertisers are leaving traditional forms of media such as television and printed news to cover blogs.There are also companies that have developed to help bloggers and advertisers to come together such as Blogs are gaining millions of more readers each year. The statistics show that television and printed media are all transferring onto the internet. Just about all media will be digitized, viewed and read online.


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