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Leah Remini Has Her Starbucks And Is Ready For Dancing With The Stars!

Actress Leah Remini is all smiles while arriving at Dancing With The Stars practice with the Starbucks coffee to get her day started!

Florida Offers Great Private and Public Golf Courses For Everyone

Florida is considered the headquarters of professional golf for more reasons than just year round good weather. The courses in Florida are beautiful, unique and challenging. You will find professional, semi-professional, amateur and casual golfers on every course making it easy to get up a challenge if you haven’t come with your own game. One thing that makes this one of the best places to play in the country is that the private and public golf courses in Florida are equally comparable. The main difference between golfing on each type of course will be green fees and services offered to players. Private courses frequently require membership for access as well.

The Florida Season

Florida does offer year round golfing but the main season is January through March. The weather rarely goes below 70 degrees in the winter statewide, so you will always have a comfortable playing day. August can bring some excessive heat and humidity, especially in the sub-tropic region of Miami and Southern Florida and August through November can have more rain, as this is the so-called “hurricane season.” Another key thing to know is that May through October in Southern Florida is the busiest golfing season. There is a balance of private and public golf courses throughout the state, so no matter where you go, you can get on the green.

The Private Clubs

There are many reasons to choose to golf on a private course rather than a public greenway. Private courses offer more in amenities to players, both on and off the course. Clubhouse will feature pro-shops, a restaurant or lounge plus there may be other fitness facilities available. Florida private golf clubs emphasize keeping the focus on the golf and do everything possible to keep the world from intruding on your game. It is easy to schedule lessons with the club pro, as well as attend special workshops to improve your game featuring touring pros. One of the best aspects about a private club is that it you can focus on your game and the social aspects of before and after in like -community. Membership’s fees and greens fees ensure that the best quality greens are available, as well as making sure you have all the amenities and services to make the day a success.

Best Public Golf Courses

It is no understatement to say that public golf courses are everywhere in Florida. You can find everything from 9 hole courses to larger courses offering multiple 18s at varying levels of skill. Many of the public courses are as well-kept as the private clubs as well as having pro shops and club houses as well. With a public course, there is typically an access fee but no membership fee although some public courses are considered to be linked and sell a season pass, similar to how a parks system pass works.

Golfing Packages

Many Florida private golf clubs will also offer holiday packages in which you can gain a temporary membership for the length of your visit. These packages are often combined with hotel offers and include lessons or a place in a local competition. If the course you are considering doesn’t offer a specific holiday package, you can reserve your tee times in advance and build your own. If you are travelling with companions who are not avid golfers, it can be easy to keep them happy as Florida is a mecca for beautiful beaches and offers much to do for any visitor. Many of the private and public courses are located near other popular attractions as well.

SuperModel/Actor Sam Sarpong Arrives at 65th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards With Hot, New Wilehelimina Model, Katherine Laprell.

Super Model Sam Sarpong has been very busy this year with a slew of major projects. He

just wrapped the film Crossed The Line with Ice T and Vanessa Williams. He is getting

ready to shoot the hot new series, Player & Wifey also co-starring Bold and Beautiful

star, Hunter Tylo. He was not too busy though to step out to one of Hollywood’s oldest

awards shows. The scene was the Nokia theatre in downtown Los Angeles where A list stars

were arriving for the 65th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards. Greeted by thousands of

screaming fans, we saw Scandal star Kerry Washington, Tracy Morgan, Kelly Osbourne, Alec

Baldwin and even caught a glimpse of Matt Damon. Perhaps no one got more love from young

fans than Sarpong who stepped out of a chauffeur driven Cadillac Escalade with the

beautiful Wilhemina Model, Katherine Laprell, everyone’s new favorite It girl. Laprell,

who can currently be seen in ads for major clothing companies including, Element, is one

of the hottest new models on the scene. They stepped out of the Escalade wearing matching

Caravelle New York watches; the hard to get new watch by Bulova. Sam, dressed in a Bustle

shirt and tie and a coat by French designer Jean Philippe, graciously posed with fans,

signed autographs and chatted it up with Extra host, Maria Menounos, who produces the hit

show Fashion 411 which stars Sarpong as one of the main hosts.  Sam says, “The Emmys were a

great night and I even got a quick Instagram shot with host Neil Patrick Thomas as he was

leaving. Can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

photo credit. winston burris, curtis sabir,


Sandra Bullock’s Hands Covered In Concrete For A Good Reason!

Actress Sandra Bullock had her famous hands pushed into wet heavy sand yesterday at that famous movie theatre in Hollywood! Congrats to the famous vintage star for that movie “Speed” from the 1990′s!

Jack Black to host another charity poker event

A lot of celebrities seem to be able to look beyond their own fame and fortune and put their famous faces to use raising money for good causes. Actor and comedian Jack Black has been around on the charity poker fundraiser scene for a number of years now, and will host Renal Support Network’s 4th Annual Celebrity Poker Texas Hold-em Tournament in November this year. He’ll co-host the event with Kyle Gass of Tenacious D. This party is sure to be a bonanza, putting the lifestyle at Casino Tropez online into perspective!

Black has been taking part in different poker charity fundraisers over the years and was part of the All-in to Win for Hope no limit Texas Hold’em Celebrity Poker Tournament in 2011 at Commerce Casino in California. Lots of other celebrities take part in similar fundraiser gambling events throughout the year. It’s a great way for celebs to get behind their favourite causes, as their presence at these kind of events not only gives the possibility of winning cash for their preferred charity, but it also gives the charitable organisations great publicity and increases awareness of the diseases and issues that the charities exist to tackle.

Earlier this month a whole host of celebrities took part in Get Lucky for Lupus LA!, to support the Lupus LA charity. Those attending the event included musicians Macy Gray, Bobby Brown and Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys), as well as actors Mekhi Phifer (ER), Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and Gilles Marini (Sex and The City).

Poker tournaments seems to be a fundraiser of choice for many celebs – maybe it’s the combination of showing off their poker playing skills and being able to do good at the same time that appeals to them. And although poker might offer a mental challenge for a player, it’s bound to be easier than the more physical challenges – like running a marathon – that you could take part in to raise money for charity!

The history of blogs and the future of advertising!

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In the late 1990′s Web and Logs started becoming popular and informative discussion pages posted on the internet began to gain ground. A new word was phrased renaming web and logs into “Blogs!” As the internet grew, graphics, and computer technology continued to grow and people started using blogs to inform the world of just about everything from political events to worldwide news. The cost over expensive computers over time become more affordable to the general public. Computers like laptops and Ipads also became popular and gave the public an opportunity to leave the desktop behind. Desktops where bulky computers that confined us to a desk and were not mobile.Well now cell phones are taking over the web and consumers are now finding themselves browsing popular blogs at all hours of the day.It has even become popular for consumers to read there favorite blogs during work hours and on vacations.With internet access going wireless and global, blogs have become the fastest form of communications on the planet. If you want to learn anything now days you Google a blog that has that information.

People blog about medical issues and new inventions everyday. Many informative facts exist online and the general public can learn whatever they need to know almost immediately! Blogs have become very powerful centers of information. Advertisers have also taken notice. There are statistics that  show growing numbers of advertisers are leaving traditional forms of media such as television and printed news to cover blogs.There are also companies that have developed to help bloggers and advertisers to come together such as Blogs are gaining millions of more readers each year. The statistics show that television and printed media are all transferring onto the internet. Just about all media will be digitized, viewed and read online.

Supermodel/Actor/TV Host Sam Sarpong Spotted With Eva Longoria

Paparazzi in Beverly Hills, CA went crazy yesterday when super model/actor/TV host Sam Sarpong was spotted with actress/producer Eva Longoria. The 2 were sighted a few blocks from Vapor Bar Beverly Hills, the new hot celebrity bar where Sarpong is the celebrity host and consultant. Eva had just stepped out of a hair salon looking beautiful as ever when she bumped into Sarpong. As Sarpong escorted her to her car, they were flanked by at least 8 highway patrol men.When asked if the 2 were dating, Sarpong laughed and replied, “No, you guys are funny. I don’t even know Eva like that.
I was here in a meeting with Vapor Bar Beverly Hills, she was getting her hair done. I was just saying hi”. Sarpong and Longoria have both worked very closely with the Canadian based company, Solutions With Impact. Eva has done several fundraisers for the company such as the Rally For Kids and Sarpong has shown up to this and several other charity events to support Eva in the past. “I really admire who she is as a talent, producer and all around business woman. She’s a role model for everyone, especially Latina women and women of color.

This was a very busy weekend for Sarpong who on Saturday evening was spotted with Sports Illustrated model and Maxim pin up girl Elizabeth Velásquez as they enjoyed Korean BBQ at Hollywood’s Ay-Do-No restaurant. Cameras were there filming for her reality show, What Would My Mom Think? Sarpong’s Future Stars Entertainment Group in collaboration with Film City Studios and Free Media is currently producing the reality series on Liz. Velásquez says, “My show is going to show Latina’s in a positive light. I’m educated, I’m smart, I have a degree and I just happen to also be a pinup model. But there are so many more sides to me; my family, my background and where I come from.”

Sam Sarpong is one of the hottest all around talents in Hollywood right now. He is represented by Gary Ousdahl. Ousdahl worked at the William Morris Endevor agency for over 5yrs (the biggest agency in the world for creating stars) and now heads up the very established Advanced Management agency with some very high profile managers. “I’ve seen and worked with many A list stars. Sam will be a superstar within the next 6 months to a year; he’ll be everywhere worldwide, period”.
Sarpong, who has been ranked in every esteemed modeling publication as one of the top 10 male models in the world in the past decade, will receive the prestigious
Icon in Fashion award Oct 25th at the 2013 BEFFTA Awards in the UK.

During the past 2 years he’s been seen in all those sexy, racy ads for the iconic Boy London brand. He’s currently co hosting the Maria Minounos hit show, Fashion 411 and has 4 major films due out by January including, No Weapons co starring Tiny Lister and Crossed The Line with Ice T and Vanessa Williams. Sarpong is extremely excited about the highly anticipated pilot filming in October, Playa and Wifey, in which he plays an educated and fast talking sports agent.

He’s currently on the cover of the September issue of Revere magazine with radio personality, Kerri Kasem. Next month he blazes up on the cover of Jacamo magazine’s Hollywood Superstar indie issue. Also, look for Sam in the highly anticipated show Average Dad late this Fall co starring Jamie Presley from the hit, My Name is Earl. Look for him later this Fall appearing in ads everywhere for Crystal Glacier Water with actress/singer Drew Sidora. (Sidora plays T Boz in the up coming TLC movie)

In the music scene, Sarpongs’s single, Make It Through, from his title track from his movie, No Weapons and featuring Kristinia De Barge, comes out this Tuesday on iTunes and everywhere.

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Photos  by: Winston Burris, Curtis Sabir, eGlamour photos, Robb Friedman,
Future Stars Flix, Jovi Bantolo

Enjoy The Power Of Art Online!

Art is a powerful tool. Artists have the power to change our future. Creative individuals who create original art now have a place to join together for art online.Now there is a serious online resource for art lovers! With the government spending over $250 million dollars on art programs every year, you can be assured that your interest in art is not just a hobby. With Contemporary art, you can now keep in contact with other talented artist and keep up with the most popular and talented artist in this special community! Subscribing to art magazines will help you keep up with art trends. Contemporary art magazines generally send there own reporters to important underground art events and festivals. Art magazines are very visual sites with many of the most beautiful pictures from many very talented artist! Many artist become famous and there art makes them millions of dollars and can inspire generations. Contemporary art by definition represents art that continues to be created over and over again during our lifetime! It has a lot to do with our present reality and many artist represent our present reality in there contemporary art! Contemporary Art is one of the most creative things online that  brings the amazing world of art to the masses. Bringing this unique community together will empower artist to start a new generation of  creativity. Hopefully sites like these will be enough to spark a revolution in the community that will help change our view of humanity. With new images created showing a future of hope for our society may bring a new generation of artist to develop new visions of technology to help us into a brighter future. Possibilities such as drawing futuristic landscapes that we as a society can envision that would be more sustainable as a natural environment that would be better for the planet instead of the urban landscape that we live in today. A better and more natural future exist and a new community of artist can bring a better interpretation to the masses for a better future!

Jack Osbourne Arrives At Dancing With The Stars 2013!

Jack Osbourne was looking cool while taking a break from Dancing With The Stars practice this week! He is gonna be ready to dance now that he’s being trained by pro dancer Cheryl Burke! Good luck Jack & Cheryl!:)

Photo :D avid Aguilera

Meet Your Favorite Celebrities And Chat With Them Now!

Now you can meet your favorite celebrities and chat with them via video on! The coolest new website that connects aspiring talent with the hottest celebrities! You can meet all kinds of new people that are interested in the same types of talent, art and creativity that you are into creating. There are all kinds of famous celebrities to meet via video chat that is completely amazing!It’s inspiring how creative this website is and how powerful technology has become to connect us all.With the site the more “Stirs” you get the more points you get! Kinda like a popularity contest but more like getting a “Star” on Hollywood blvd.! You can even find your favorite athletes and search via zip code! Get started now and chat with your favorite celebrity and meet aspiring talent! Forget those popular talent shows on television! You can become famous online today without having to compete with the television cast and crews. You can also upload your performances like other video sites but this site has a lot of talented people that can be your fans and help you become even more famous! Imagine becoming famous like Justin Bieber or singer Lan Del Rey! If your dedicated to your talent and your serious about developing your craft then this is the website to go to and develop relationships with your future fans and learn from other talented artist! is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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