Old songs by The Doors really rock!

I feel like I was born at least a generation too late. You know how every generation says that the new music is bad and isn’t nearly as good as our generation? That’s me, but worse, because I love the music from my parents generation. My generation would probably call them old songs, but not me. I call them awesome; the real rock n roll.


Look I’m sure “the kids” would disagree but how can you possibly tell me that there’s a single artist out there today that holds a candle to bands like The Doors? All of these poppy kids and their auto tune and drum machines, it’s crazy man! Back during those days you had to actually be able to sing and play the heck out of an instrument. Or in some cases you had to be able to both sing and play an instrument.


It’s strange to me when I hear about my nieces going to a Britney Spears or Justin Bieber concert. I see videos of these performances and I can’t wrap my head around it. What exactly is the reason for going to see your favorite “artist”, if you can even call them that, if they don’t actually do anything except dance around on stage. There’s no reason for a band to even be there because all we’re doing as the audience is listening to a musical track. And most times the artist doesn’t even sing. It’s crazy! I always thought that you went to a concert to hear live music! Well, again that’s why I think I was born a generation too late.


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