Increase the passion of your relationship!

Have you lost the passion in your relationship. Has routine life dulled the pleasures of you and your partners relationship?. Now you can join the Passion and Pleasure program. Well now you can rediscover the pleasure and passion that once sparked between you and your mate once again with an eight week training course. Reignite the flame with your partner and have a better connection in the next eight weeks and the rest of your life. Now there are professionals online that can counsel you and your partner. Take professional advice from relationship counselors. Have access to over 40 videos that are downloadable with PDF formats to help you learn about relationships. Enjoy tutorials and pleasure scale monitors that help you keep on track with you and your partner. The program also has passion scripts to help you learn what conversations to have with your partner. You also have the opportunity to call a phone number and have the experts answer your questions.

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