If you need writing work consider the correct writing center first

You know how when you’re thinking about buying a certain car as you drive around for a few months all you notice is that particular car? Exactly. Don’t worry I’ll come back to that.


Well I have a buddy from college and as we got together recently by accident we chatted about what each one of us was up to both personally and professionally. After we got the kids and wife update out of the way he started telling me about his recent profession. See, my buddy Matt was a casualty of the mortgage meltdown and was left scrambling when everything imploded. He had a wife and a baby on the way.


With not a lot of work out there a friend told him that he should look for writing work. As Matt wasn’t a journalism major he wasn’t sure what that meant, but our mutual friend went on to tell him about copywriting. Copywriting or business writing is any writing that sells a product, a service, or even a person. Hear that radio commercial on your way to work? That’s copywriting. The sales letters and advertisements you receive in the mail? That’s copywriting too. Even the billboards you see on the highway are examples of copywriting! Now everywhere I turn, just like when you see a car you’re considering buying, I see copywriting.


So my friend Matt found the writing center resource online and quickly began his career as a copywriter. He has never been happier because he gets to work from home, so he sees his children much more, and he never has to wear a suit again. I’m strongly considering making a career change after talking to him.


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