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Old songs by The Doors really rock!

I feel like I was born at least a generation too late. You know how every generation says that the new music is bad and isn’t nearly as good as our generation? That’s me, but worse, because I love the music from my parents generation. My generation would probably call them old songs, but not me. I call them awesome; the real rock n roll.


Look I’m sure “the kids” would disagree but how can you possibly tell me that there’s a single artist out there today that holds a candle to bands like The Doors? All of these poppy kids and their auto tune and drum machines, it’s crazy man! Back during those days you had to actually be able to sing and play the heck out of an instrument. Or in some cases you had to be able to both sing and play an instrument.


It’s strange to me when I hear about my nieces going to a Britney Spears or Justin Bieber concert. I see videos of these performances and I can’t wrap my head around it. What exactly is the reason for going to see your favorite “artist”, if you can even call them that, if they don’t actually do anything except dance around on stage. There’s no reason for a band to even be there because all we’re doing as the audience is listening to a musical track. And most times the artist doesn’t even sing. It’s crazy! I always thought that you went to a concert to hear live music! Well, again that’s why I think I was born a generation too late.

Caitlin O’Connor Looks Dashing While Wearing Mazami Jewels!

Caitlin O’ Connor looked dashing at the Viva Glam Magazine Event while wearing the fabulous Mazami Jewelry at the red carpet! The event was a great success and Caitlin’s style has once again brought the hottest fashion out to the red carpet.

Photo;David Aguilera

The best Wedding Rentals In Miami!

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Jodie Foster Attends The Elysium Movie Premiere!

Actress Jodie Foster was all smiles while attending the Elysium movie premiere in Westwood CA!

Increase the passion of your relationship!

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Celebrity Homes Online!

Have you ever wondered what celebrity homes looks like. While now and you can view all your favorite celebrity homes.
Now There are websites available for you to see all of the most luxurious homes in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Many people pay hundreds of dollars to take a tour bus to simply see billionaires homes and the biggest stars in Hollywood. With the Internet you can see all of their homes and get detailed looks at the interiors and even see aerial views of the properties. Many of these celebrity homes for sale. Imagine living in one of your favorite stars homes where it can be purchased for a few million dollars. Whether you’re looking for Carrie Underwood’s former house which is being sold for over $2 million, or basketball legend Michael Jordan’s home which is being valued at over $21 million, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s home which is being sold for over $20 million, or Hilary Swank’s home which is being sold for $9 million. You now have the opportunity to purchase these incredible homes and call them yours.

It doesn’t matter if the celebrity lived in California or the Midwest, all of information to the stars is now available online. The pictures available to see these homes are so high resolution and the details are so powerful that you will feel like you are actually at the home while viewing them online. All of information is current and the availability for their sale are all live in happening now. Come see your favorite celebrities homes on the Internet today and don’t bother with traffic or spending money just enjoy seeing the biggest mansions and the hottest celebrities online today.

If you need writing work consider the correct writing center first

You know how when you’re thinking about buying a certain car as you drive around for a few months all you notice is that particular car? Exactly. Don’t worry I’ll come back to that.


Well I have a buddy from college and as we got together recently by accident we chatted about what each one of us was up to both personally and professionally. After we got the kids and wife update out of the way he started telling me about his recent profession. See, my buddy Matt was a casualty of the mortgage meltdown and was left scrambling when everything imploded. He had a wife and a baby on the way.


With not a lot of work out there a friend told him that he should look for writing work. As Matt wasn’t a journalism major he wasn’t sure what that meant, but our mutual friend went on to tell him about copywriting. Copywriting or business writing is any writing that sells a product, a service, or even a person. Hear that radio commercial on your way to work? That’s copywriting. The sales letters and advertisements you receive in the mail? That’s copywriting too. Even the billboards you see on the highway are examples of copywriting! Now everywhere I turn, just like when you see a car you’re considering buying, I see copywriting.


So my friend Matt found the writing center resource online and quickly began his career as a copywriter. He has never been happier because he gets to work from home, so he sees his children much more, and he never has to wear a suit again. I’m strongly considering making a career change after talking to him. is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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