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Bring The Paparazzi To The Party!!!

Have you ever seen how fun it is to watch the paparazzi photographers take pictures of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood!!! It’s very exciting seeing all the flash bulbs capturing the funnest moments of the biggest stars and events for the entire world to see! Well now you can bring the paparazzi to your very own party with a photo booth rental NYC! Photo Booth rentals NYC bring the party to wherever you are! Photo booths at one time were seen often only at local city malls and theme parks, but now you can bring a very professional version home with you to make your parties a lot more fun!

A lot of new events consist of the host preparing a red carpet at the party entrance so there friends/clients feel like they are at a star studded celebrity event! Now with  Photo booth rentals, upon arrival your friends will feel like stars themselves as the photo booth gives a feel of being paparazzi photographed as well as group shot photographed! The photo booths are so professional that once inside the photo booth the camera’s capture  the best part of the party!! Now everyone can feel like they are gonna be  photographed like a star!

Meet The Real Life Iron Man Vincent Peters!!

With the recent success of the Iron Man movie trilogy we are all familiar with the story of the American billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer, Tony Stark.  What you may not be so familiar with is that there is currently an American futurist, playboy, and ingenious engineer that owns a major stake in a company valued at over $14,000,000!  Meet entrepreneur Vincent Peters.

Vincent is one of three owners of the Fashion Label Stevie Boi which was valued at over $14,000,000 last year. The company and its’ Chief Designer Stevie Boi were profiled in Time Magazine’s Business and Money Section in an article titled Dream Jobs That Actually Pay in 2012.  The company has been featured in Vogue numerous times and has also worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and The Black Eyed Peas. Vincent is a West Point graduate and had the opportunity to work for President Obama as a Deputy Field Organizer in 2008.

Currently, Vincent also owns a research and development firm which provides engineering services to the United States government.  Another of Vincent’s roles is that he heads up a private think tank called Virtual Analyst, which has Truman and Marshall Scholars, within its ranks.  Let’s keep an eye on Vincent as he makes a move on Hollywood with a new business venture called Oz Media!

Celeb Nights Out At The Casino!

Casinos are synonymous with glitz and glamour, and so celebrity appearances are strikingly commonplace. When assessing a bet, the desire to beat or at least negate ‘Chance’ – the gamblers enemy – is as strong with the super-rich as it is with the less wealthy, making casinos havens for both the rich and the not-so-rich. Even Bill Gates was spotted in The Wynn, Las Vegas emphasising the fact that the Casino is about more than just winning money.

Bruce Willis, Ryan Seacrest, Pamela Anderson, Demi Moore and Ben Affleck have all frequented Vegas Casinos at some point and seem to be actively encouraged by the owners in attempt to convey a high-rolling, classy image. Places like Vegas need the glitz and the glam as a major part of their product, encouraging mere mortals to fantasize about living the high life, as well as enjoying the thrill of the bet.

The Palms, Las Vegas is a good example of a Casino which knows how to cater the moneyed and celebrities. They have a private gaming club called The Mint where players can play for extra high limits to all hours in the morning. Blackjack, Roulette and Poker are all available in this exclusive gaming club and entry here means you’ll rubbing shoulders with some powerful players.

Designer shops, first class restaurants, flashy bars and plush surroundings have made the casino what it is today – an aspirational melting pot from various parts of society. Places like Atlantic City have certainly gone more upmarket with the introduction of establishments like Borgata – a Casino good enough for Bon Jovi, who has been seen their in the past.

The appeal of negating Chance appears to be a universal human draw. People as richly talented as Gladys Knight and Ben Affleck have both been consumed by the gambling bug at one time or another. This illustrates the fact that a Casino or a Gaming Club can be as much of a thrill to a superstar as they can be to the average man.



Nearly eight years ago, Caroline D’Amore’s passion for music paved the way for women DJ’s who can take on their male DJ counterparts by bringing a punk rock edge to her live shows. Never afraid to stage dive or head bang with the crowd; spinning at the hottest, most desired events around the world; D’Amore was featured as a “Promoted Artist” and opening act for megastar Will.I.Am at the MTV Music Awards in Tokyo. Writing, producing and remixing was the natural progression and her latest release “Music Man” proves it was the right direction. Caroline lent her vocals and writing skills to the track collaborating with Optimus Rock and Stonebridge sending the single to #1 on Beatport’s Top 100 House Tracks.


When Caroline heard the new Rod Stewart track “Sexual Religion” she immediately knew the direction of where the remix had to go! Joining forces once again with producing partner Optimus Rock, Caroline injects her signature heart thumping sound to the already smooth vocal and magical melody of Rods original version. Keeping with what is so amazing about the song and adding a hard dance vibe to surely take over dance floors everywhere this spring and summer.


“The title alone ‘Sexual Religion’ really jumped out at me. I just felt this would be an anthem for every type of dance music lover out there” says D’Amore.


When she’s not DJing festivals around the world, Caroline is busy producing and hosting her very own electronic radio show called “Heartbeatz.” D’Amore has partnered with KIIS  FM’s, DJ Skee, on “SKEE24/7.” “Heartbeatz” features the best electronic music, past and present. D’Amore brings in special guests to join her live in the studio each week and her show broadcasts live on location around the world. The show has generated so much buzz that it has recently been syndicated by 19 of the top electronic radio stations around the world and gaining more stations every day. Whether on the radio, in the studio, or on stage, Caroline D’Amore is sure to bring the house down and entertain the masses with her exhilarating and exuberant style.

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