Celebrity Athletes Who Also Became Famous Poker Players!

Many athletes are born competitors! Whether competing at online poker games or in the arena of sports or a Poker table in Las Vegas, Athletes are sure to bring a competitive edge to the game! Athletes like Orel Hershiser, Gualter Ssalles, Al Barbieri, Borris Becker and Erica Shoenberg are a winning bet that they will meet the challenge. Baseball legand Orel Hershiser joined the ranks of professional poker professional poker tournaments in 2006 after leaving the sport of Baseball! Orel participated in the 2008 NBC Heads-Up Championship and many other poker events eventually earning him a celebrity poker player status¬† for his efforts! Race Car legend Gualter Salles is best known for his success in winning the 1995 Formula 3 British Grand Prix. Salles also became a Poker celebrity after finishing 447th at the World Series of Poker’s $10,000 no-limit tournament!

Minor league baseball player Al Barbieri may not be the most famous Baseball player but he is very popular in the celebrity Poker circuit! Since 1998, Al Barbieri has played poker professionally! Since then, he has had over one million dollars in winnings! many of his winnings were the largest purses and major celebrity poker event winnings of the time!
Celebrity Tennis Player Borris Becker is also one of the rising celebrity poker players! Along with his amazing achievements  in Tennis and his incredible fourty nine titles and Olympic gold medal. He has won (6) Grand Slams in which Becker won over $18,000!!
Lastely, celebrity Volleyball player Erica Shoenberg has become a successful celebrity poker player! After ending her volleyball career, Erica Shoenberg has won over $725,000 in the game of Poker! Now that’s how you start a second career!!


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