Keeping It Real In Hollywood With Supermodel-Actor Sam Sarpong!!


Hanging out for a week with a top model/actor doing a photo shoot in Los Angeles, I knew I would be covering a lot of ground throughout the Los Angeles area. I had my preconceived notion of what this guy would be like, but meeting Sam Sarpong completely blew that out of the water. With each stop I learned more about what makes Sam tick and why he is Hollywood’s next big star.

First stop was on Melrose for his cover shoot for Splash magazine with Playboy model, Sydney Barlette. They were styled by none other than the hottest stylist in Hollywood right now, Cosmo, who recently styled Nikki Minaj. Sam and Sydney shut down Melrose; everyone was trying to see what was going on. An Israeli tourist wearing a yarmulke actually stopped his car right in the middle of the street to film the action as Sarpong and Barlette posed for the edgy and sexy fashion editorial.

After stopping for lunch at the Hollywood hot spot, Mr. Chow’s, we headed across town to Sam’s next meeting with Pheed Media. Sam says Pheed is a company that specializes in working with A List talent where they can distribute exclusive items on their web pages such as tee shirts, music, exclusive behind-the-scenes features and concerts. Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Kanye West are allegedly some of the stars using this innovative technology to promote exclusive products to their fans.Sam Says~ “I am going to be doing some really cool, exclusive stuff with Pheed and my single, Boy London, will be released on Pheed accompanied by a music video next month. ( Sam is the current face of Boy London; Madonna and Boy George are former faces of this edgy punk rock European brand)
Sarpong, who recently hosted the BET Awards behind-the-scenes show, All Access, and currently is an LA correspondent for Ryan Seacrest’s new show, Axs Live, has had a very busy summer!

The day has wound down to 10:00 pm and we are now in the Hollywood Hills where Sarpong is in the studio with German pop star Inessa Alex and hot producer, Nelly, working on Fly, one of his singles from his soon to be released album, Muzik Of Tha Future. This album is a top 40. It’s fun, dance and electro pop featuring Floetry, Keith Robinson, High Priest from The Roots and even a spoken word, Peace, from actress Amber Tamblyn. Lovoka, that best-selling-caramel liqueur, is sponsoring Sarpong’s single release party next month. Brand manager for Lovoka says, “We feel Sam and his music represent the essence of living life which is part of our campaign slogan. Our target market is the same as Sam’s fan base. His involvement in TV, fashion and music makes a perfect sponsorship of his music career, not to mention he is an outstanding talent.”

The next day we go to the tee shirt company IVogue’s headquarters in Hollywood where Sarpong will be the first- ever male supermodel to have his own tee shirt. IVogue specializes in creating tee shirts featuring celebrities’ images such as Heidi Klum, Kate Moss and Bruce Lee. Sam is here to work with the designer on the look for his shirt, which will be released at the same time as his soon-to-be released single. The shirt will be available exclusively on on Sam’s page.

Last year Sarpong played the lead in the critically acclaimed Anchor Baby, which was screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Currently gaining festival interest is the film Trigger, in which Sam stars with Beverly Hills 90210 star Matt Cohen. According to Dan Costanzo, president of Uplate Productions, “ Sam Sarpong is that breath of fresh air the entertainment industry’s been missing, – throw back entertainer who can act, rap and host. Like Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra, he offers so much more on so many entertainment mediums. A new, hot, fresh look, something entertainment needs. I am very delighted to have him on board for several of our up coming projects in TV and film.

Sam’s busy week ends with an 11:00 pm Friday meeting at NBC Universal Studios with twin brothers Demitrius and Damian Jones of 51 Films. These Hollywood heavyweights are producing the horror film, Angel’s Landing, and Sarpong is here to talk of a possible role.

Hanging with Sam this week has shown me that Sam is treated like a star wherever he goes. The public is enchanted with him, TMZ follows him and throughout it all, Sam’s feet are planted firmly on the ground. Sam is one of the most genuinely nice guys that I have ever met. For this Sam gives credit to his parents who taught him and his sister, June, who is also in entertainment, to be real. We covered the gamut from fashion to music to TV and to movies from one end of Hollywood to the other. The scene was constantly changing, but what remained constant was Sam’s love of people and love of what he does, no matter the venue.

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