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This week has been one of the most tragic weeks in American history for the incredible people of Colorado after a deranged gunman gunned down over twelve people at a “Dark Knight Rises” movie premiere. Our hearts go out to the families that have lost loved ones during this senseless tragedy. As more questions than answers arise after this tragic event we as a society look for answers as to what lead to this tragedy.

It is to early  in the investigation of the “Colorado shooting” to tell what  caused the assailant to go on a  senseless shooting rampage. Media outlets are reporting that the shooter  was a former neurosciences student from the University of Colorado and had recently left the school via “voluntary separation.”

So what is the answer?  Are violent movies to blame?. The fact that these action/violent type of films generate over 70-80 million dollars during the opening week alone clearly shows that our society very much participates  in the viewing of these films. But viewers  generally don’t commit mass murders after a viewing. So again I ask why did this happen? Most people know that The USA is also in a financial slump which is pushing a lot of our great citizens into frustrating lifestyle choices but again our society holds strong. As media reports continue to inform us that the suspect in this shooting had also allegedly set up explosive traps in his home, we see that the actions of the shooter appear greatly premeditated.

I don’t know why this tragedy occurred but I know that all we can do is support the survivors and the people around us and work toward helping make sure this never happens again.. I will never understand what causes a human being to without any reason commit violence and tragedy towards other human beings for ANY REASON~EVER... My heart goes out to the families  and people affected by this tragedy.



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