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Sam Sarpong Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret Supermodel/Actor/TV Host/Hollywood’s Next Big Star!


Supermodel/Actor/TV Host/Hollywood’s Next Big Star
Sam Sarpong is the guy everyone recognizes, but can’t put the name with the face. Well, that is about to
change because his 2012 projects will make both the name and the face media staples.
Sarpong is most recognizable for being the international supermodel for designer Tommy Hilfiger for
over 6 years and for being Wilmer Valderrama’s co host on the MTV hit show “Yo Momma” for 3
seasons. Sarpong, who has appeared in over 60 films and 50 television shows, gained critical acclaim last
year when he starred in the Cannes Film Festival favorite, “Anchor Baby” as Paul Unanga, a role that
earned him a BEFFTA award nomination in the UK for Best Lead Actor. He has been one of the most
recognizable faces in fashion this past decade, modeling for such designers as Jean Phillipe, Louis
Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce and Gabana, and Jean Paul Gautier. Sam made history as the first model ever to be
featured in the prestigious California African American Museum with both a bust and collage created by
artist, Toni Scott.
To kick off the Summer, Sarpong hosted the BET Awards, “All Access” behind the scenes show. Then last
week at the South African Consulate in NY, Sarpong was introduced as the North American Brand
supporter for the Nelson Mandela inspired fashion line “466/64” with plans to appear in up coming
modeling campaigns.
If that’s not enough, this Summer you can catch Sam as an LA co-host on Mark Cuban and Ryan
Seacrest’s new network, AXS TV, a platform for pop culture, celebrities, music and entertainment. Sam is
working with TV masterminds, Debra Weeks and Andrew Levy. Sam says “They are both very creative
people who think outside the box. I am really excited about this show and I think we can make history.”
AXS TV is HD NET re-launched and is now in over 40 million homes.
2012 proves to be the breakout year for Sarpong who has a slew of projects due out including two films
this Fall, “Trigger” and “No Weapons Formed Against Us” in which he plays the lead in both. However,
this year is not limited to just film. Having been named one of the most 100 influential fashion people in
the world by International Fashion Group, his Boy London campaign and video have created an
international buzz, so much so that now Rihanna is sporting this edgy look.

Sarpong is definitely on his way to super stardom. Some people always saw this coming. Lilian Bossman,
BET’s International producer, who has worked with Sarpong for the past four years simply states, “Sam
is Hollywood’s best kept secret. He is destined to be a star and in my eyes and those of many others, he
already is. Now I am just waiting for one day to scream, “told you so!”
So, look out! It will not be long before everyone can put the name with the face.
Sarpong is represented by Artists International Management in the US and Fashionaires in the UK.

Sam Sarpong on Twitter: @SamMrSarpong

Sam Sarpong on

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Jonah Hill Signs Autographs For Fans At “The Watch” Movie Premiere!

Jonah Hill signed autographs for his fans outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theater this week while arriving at the movie premiere for his new hit film “The Watch!”

Photo:David Aguilera


Ben Stiller Waves To fans At his new Movie Premiere for “The Watch!”

Actor Ben Stiller was all smiles at the movie premiere for his new hit film “The Watch” also starring Jonah Hill in Hollywood this week!

Photo:David Aguilera

Charlie Sheen Arrives At The Jimmy Kimmel Show!

Actor Charlie Sheen waved to fans while arriving at the Jimmy Kimmel Show this week! Afterward the actor took a smoke break while chatting with a friend. Charlie has been promoting his new television show ” Anger Management!”

Photo:David Aguilera

American Psycho

This week has been one of the most tragic weeks in American history for the incredible people of Colorado after a deranged gunman gunned down over twelve people at a “Dark Knight Rises” movie premiere. Our hearts go out to the families that have lost loved ones during this senseless tragedy. As more questions than answers arise after this tragic event we as a society look for answers as to what lead to this tragedy.

It is to early  in the investigation of the “Colorado shooting” to tell what  caused the assailant to go on a  senseless shooting rampage. Media outlets are reporting that the shooter  was a former neurosciences student from the University of Colorado and had recently left the school via “voluntary separation.”

So what is the answer?  Are violent movies to blame?. The fact that these action/violent type of films generate over 70-80 million dollars during the opening week alone clearly shows that our society very much participates  in the viewing of these films. But viewers  generally don’t commit mass murders after a viewing. So again I ask why did this happen? Most people know that The USA is also in a financial slump which is pushing a lot of our great citizens into frustrating lifestyle choices but again our society holds strong. As media reports continue to inform us that the suspect in this shooting had also allegedly set up explosive traps in his home, we see that the actions of the shooter appear greatly premeditated.

I don’t know why this tragedy occurred but I know that all we can do is support the survivors and the people around us and work toward helping make sure this never happens again.. I will never understand what causes a human being to without any reason commit violence and tragedy towards other human beings for ANY REASON~EVER... My heart goes out to the families  and people affected by this tragedy.



A Very Pregnant Snooki Stops By The Grove In Hollywood!

Jersey Shore’s favorite little “Snooki” is doing the talk show rounds in Hollywood this week! Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki talked with  Mario Lopez yesterday about her baby for “Extra TV” and waved to awaiting fans while looking rosy with her celebrity baby bump!


Photo;David Aguilera

Actress And Super Model “Sara Barrett” spotted shopping at the Grove!

Actress and super model Sara Barrett was all smiles while shopping at the Grove in Hollywood CA.!. Check out Sara’s latest projects at her official website:!

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links: – official site

Anna Paquin And Hubby Stephen Moyer Are Having Twins!!

Actress Anna Paquin And Hubby Stephen Moyer Are Having twin babies!! Anna’s hubby Stephen already has two other children, Billy and Lilac, from previous relationships. Anna and Stephen also recently enjoyed there fans this weekend at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego CA.!

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Famous Photographer And Celebrity Blogger From Celebrity Puke Surprises The Competition In Celebrity Entertainment!


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Kardashian’s Open New Dash Store In Hollywood!

The Kardashian’s have opened there new Dash store in Hollywood on Melrose blvd! Kanye West was reportedly in tow with Kim Kardashian at the event! All your Pop Culture News! Get all your Teen Celebrity news! get all  your Celebrity Baby news! Get all the latest fashion news! is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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