Kendra Wilkinson Has Been Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars!

Kendra Wilkinson was voted off Dancing With The Stars last night but the former Playboy Playmate took it in stride as she danced off the stage with her trainer! I still can’t believe Kirstie Alley hasn’t got voted off yet, hmm…Is This show really about ratings or a dance competition?


3 Responses to “Kendra Wilkinson Has Been Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars!”

  • the one says:

    she refused to take her shoes off.

  • brooklyn says:

    hey that is rude to say bout kendra she is amazing and she is awsome and love her so dont be a hater because u aint her. i love u kendra u rock!!!!!! ohhh and u did great on dancing with the stars! :)

  • just me says:

    While I thought Kendra was a MUCH better dancer than Kristie I find it sad that she will always be best known for being part of Hugh’s harem. I firmly believe there’s a special place in Hell reserved for him, he’s one sick, disgusting puppy.

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