Bristol Palin And Mark Ballas Holding Hands!

Bristol Palin stopped by The Mint to watch her partner from Dancing With The Stars‘ Mark Ballas perform his music on stage! Bristol and Mark have been making headlines, people are buzzing about how sexy Palin’s dance attire has been and now she’s ripping cloths off of Mark on stage and dancing the sexiest Rumba most folk have ever seen!

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5 Responses to “Bristol Palin And Mark Ballas Holding Hands!”

  • Geist01 says:

    Is she the one with the retarded baby?

  • darla10 says:

    No, but if she was you would probably be the father. Educate yourself and get some class.

  • Geist01 says:

    @darla10 Good talk!

  • Carole McRae says:

    I wish people would stop beating on Bristol Palin for still being on Dancing with the Stars. She has made the most improvement. Mark deserves credit for his teaching a abilities.
    The people do the voting so if you want to change things write in and suggest that the judges do the entire job and let it be their pick. Personally I prefer it the way it is.
    I don’t expect her to win but the Brandy/Max combination lacked the fan base to move ahead.
    All they get is the Mirror Ball Trophy so not much will be lost no matter who wins. So please get a life and complain about the real unfair things in life.

  • alexandra says:

    @Geist01, be careful what you say (the “retarded” comment) — things have a way to come back and bite you big in the ass!! One day you will regret that, believe me. It may be your kid or grand kid one day. And how would you feel. You probably have really low self-esteem since you seem to have to throw hurt on others. Pity sorry you!

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