Lindsay Lohan Free At Last!!!

Lindsay Lohan finished her 90 day 13 day sentence at the prestiges Lynwood jail and is now headed to a cushy rehab gig for the next 90 days or so!

3 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Free At Last!!!”

  • What? She’s OUT? I can’t believe iT! Why are celebrities always treated so easy? WHAT? If you’re famous… you’re sentence is lowered to 10% ?

    Lindsey Lohan…

  • Princejv2 says:

    I ain blame them cos they all believe if ya ain celebrity that you ain gonna do good again. Why must Lindsey Be released now? Is 90days turned to 13days now ? What do they expect those she met there to talk, say or think about?
    It’s unfair and even a bad idea. That’s cheating and partiality and this also kills cos she’s gonna commit the same offense and she will expect the same thing again to happen cos the foundation of bullshit has been laid !!!

  • Given says:

    Courts should decide legal matters,fact that Lohan is famous is not an issue here,wat happened 2 T I an Weezy

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