RIP Corey Haim 1971-2010

I was a huge fan of Corey Haim! I actually watched his movie License To Drive 10 times before i went to take my driving test to get my license! Rest In Peace Corey,You will be missed..

Corey Haim was rushed to the hospital last night after complaining of having flu like systems. Media outlets stated that he died after arriving at the hospital.

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  • Nora says:

    i want to say this man did not change my life when he was a kid i did not know him when he or i was young i first time i seen corey hamie is when he did the 2 coreys show he was so real and up front about stuff it was like alot of what he was sayin and tryin to say to everyone one the show alot of them took wrong and just thought of him as an ass hole i totoly got what he said and what he ment it made me so upst that no one around him got him truly and not even his best friend really got him some times when here a stranger like me got him off the bat i looked up to this man he had the guts to say what he wanted but could not always reach out he needed help and tryed to say littole things to reach out but they over looked it i wanted to go there so bad and tell them and to look at him in the face and say here i can help and i will do what ever it takes i will take a bullet for u and do what ever u say and be ur 3 best friend just lest do what we have to do to help u but u know what i dont have money to get me the places i want to just go in life so i sat here watchin them over look corey im so sorry corey i wish i could have been there hereing about u passing im taking it hard like i took my moms passing i know i know i have never met u and i hope that when i die that i see u ur a great friend and wonderful man and a great son and im proud of the things u have done that where positive in ur like i just wish i could have been there to help u i love u always adn forever forever love Nora w

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