Demi Moore Still Looks Great!

Demi Moore stopped by a pre Golden Globe party with Ashton and daughter Rumor last night! Demi wore a black dress and high heels!

5 Responses to “Demi Moore Still Looks Great!”

  • What her beauty tips??

  • captain america says:

    you are familiar with the name of: PINOKKIO?

  • Bryan says:

    She isn’t great for me. She is so skinny with no curves. I want to see her with more fats. She should also change her hairstyle because it is so old fashion.

  • Dr.Wilson says:

    I am researching celebrity egos. The average person loves and forgives their parents, especially as the parents gets old and their life may be at an age of lots of illness, pain and eventual death. I have heard horror stories of at least a dozen of our so called highest paid “A” list stars that have not only turned a cold shoulder to a parent or two, but have forgotten that is why they themselves have massages, chiefs, drivers, nannies, assts, housekeepers. They blame their artist parents from the inevitable 60′s that put them in their luxury and dump their flower child parents in poverty and media shame. If you ask me, they have a hand in killing them off for having broken hearts! Soon people like this should be exposed for losing their souls to greed and power. let us pay for grateful actors. Their parents may not have been perfect, but at least they didn’t have 2 or 3 nannies a day. They worked, and gave futures to the children they loved and had no idea would use that power as a sword to slaughter their parents using the media to dig in deeper. This time I can’t give names, but one that treats his parents well is Leonardo DiCaprio, I love the story how Tobey Maguire’s mom bribed him with $100.00 to secure him a future, because she realized their wasn’t an inheritance and he fought going to school with worrisome stories his mom fell for.All stage parents have to be with child every minute, auditioning, on set, and meeting the kid actors didn’t even know the extent of their parents work and sacrifice of their original careers. I ask people to not praise those who live like royalty an treat others like paupers. “GREAT EXPECTATIONS” Honor your parents.

  • Cdr says:

    “Who thinks he is funny”No. He aclltuay is hilarious. If you saw his comedy central special “Completely Serious”, you’d know that he is one of the best comedians out there these days.

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