Andy Garcia @ Joe’s Pizza!

Joe’s Pizza in West Hollywood! The popular New York pizza pie is attracting all the Hollywood celebrities!! Andy Garcia picked up a pie to start his week and a few other celebs have tweeted about Joe’s!

5 Responses to “Andy Garcia @ Joe’s Pizza!”

  • cheap eating options?
    ………….VISIT JOE’s, folks!!

  • guru pitka says:

    Nice glasses and hairdo.. Really nails the “I’m a dick” fashion statement.

  • TJ says:

    I love that perfectly normal glasses and a normal hairdo qualify someone as a dick. People obessesed with “fashion statements” ARE DICKS!

  • barbara Ellen Lengyel says:

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  • Yoemna says:

    Andy Garcia if u are the person like u act in your movies then u are perfect a man any woman would dream of having I look for watching your movies just to see u

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