Phoebe Price HATS!

Phoebe Price showed off an article that included her new line of Phoebe Price Design hats yesterday!!! Good Luck Phoebe!!!

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  • I wonder……………E.T. WAS HERE TOO?

  • Margaret says:

    This woman has the absolute worst cheek (facial) implants I’ve ever seen! When I was a kid we had this scary half-mask of a sort of clown face; and I swear to God, she looks exactly like that! She also probably paid someone to bump her car at the restaurant…anything to get some publicity. The woman is truly pathetic. She may be a perfectly nice lady, but jeez….take that money and do some good with it! You are a failure at the acting/Hollywood thing. Grow up and get on with your life. Show some respect for yourself.

  • juusi says:

    I dont think there is anyone who has nicer and sexier cheeks and cheekbones than phoebe price. Her cheeks are so big and defy gravity as well, because they do not sag down, but actually form peaks. Phoebe´s cheeks grow so big every time she smiles gorgeously.
    And NO ! They are not implants !

  • phoebworld says:

    Phoebe Price´s face completely defies gravity. Look at her chin ! Whereas most people have a sagging chin, Phoebe´s chin and the bottom of her chin does not droop at all. The same phenomenon with her cheeks ! When Phoebe smiles, her cheeks protrude forward and form sexy peaks. No one has such beautiful cheeks. Phoebe is gorgeous and stunning !

  • holli says:

    Phoebe dazzles everyone she meets,
    when she strolls down the streets.
    Phoebe Price is so damn neat!
    For her its such a simple feat,
    to have so many come and greet.
    And when she smiles, oh what a treat,
    cause no one beats, Phoebe´s cheeks !

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