Photog’s were pissed last night after Lindsay Lohan didn’t pose for waiting press after a little shoving match between security and waiting photographers occurred in front of the Revolve event last night! Lohan was whisked away behind the press line…

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  • GB1 says:

    She looks so beat for 23 years old.

  • Its something new and different and everyone want to know what had been happened on that night? So can you explain the whole matter that been happened on that night.

  • BP says:

    I was there that night. The press photographers (who are NOT paparazzi) had been credentialed and cleared to be there to cover the event. Press photographers were told that the PR agency would not be marking spots for photographers, and that positions would be on a “first come, first served” basis. Many of the photographers waited anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hours or more to reserve their spots on the backdrop/red carpet.

    There were no barricades preventing unauthorized access to the party from the street, and there were also no credentials given to press members to distinguish them from paparazzi, so the paps just blended in until Lindsay arrived. She was supposed to arrive at 9pm, but didn’t show until 10:30pm. Here’s where it gets crazy… instead of hiring real security, I was told that the PR company just grabbed two bus boys or waiters from the Taste restaurant next door to act as “security”. These were the most unprofessional “security” guys I’ve ever seen. It looked like they were about to play football with the paparazzi, and in a video I watched on, they were shoving cameras and pushing paps down. A big no no, since it’s assault and battery.

    Even after the paparazzi stopped advancing toward the carpet, one of the “security” guys, in a fit of rage, then knocked down the backdrop, which had absolutely nothing to do with the paparazzi they were trying to hold back. She was obviously spooked. I would have been too. This guy went crazy, and taunted both press photographers and paparazzi, laughing and yelling back. Obviously too stupid to know the difference between press and paps. When some of the livid press members yelled at him, he says “I was hired to keep you guys OUT!”. So he really just could not make the distinction from those who had been waiting patiently in their press positions and the paparazzi who came up from the street.

    Anyway, that’s why Lindsay skipped the carpet, and I don’t think it’s really her fault. I don’t blame her, other than the fact that she should have hired a REAL PR company instead of using little fashion interns. It just sucks for all of the press photographers who waited so patiently for so many hours to help her promote her clothing store line. I like Lindsay, but I think I’ll be skipping her events from now on!

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