Paris & Nicky Hilton Hit The Town!

Sister Sister! Paris & Nicky Hilton hit up nightclub Opera where Paris filmed parts of her new show “Paris Hilton’s British BFF!”

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  • LOOK OUT!!!!!

    ………….the herpes-sisters are in town.

  • Cora says:

    Casual or formal, Nicky and Paris Hilton always look stylish and elegant!

  • Ubermann says:

    How obnoxious…I am certainly not a fan of Paris Hilton, however, people that criticize her *and* make her so relevant are the absurd ones.

    the sex videos…SO WHAT?!

    I think it is a horrible thing, someone posting such private things to the world. How horrible.

    To call her “slut” etc. is disgusting as well.

    Oh no, a woman who enjoys sex…let’s burn her at the stake!!

    What period are we living in?!


  • Tiphany says:

    I personally think Nicky looks atrocious but Paris is catching up quickly!

  • Paris is not good as other people say…
    i dont like her..

  • Aussie says:

    Nicky is fugly man. Paris, well… tranny whore galore.
    And no crusted vagina slag ,I’m not jealous, we all laugh at your lose assed behaviour, you are just like Dave Grohl said, everything that’s wrong with society today. Piece of shit!

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