Kim Kardashian Kinda Cheats On “Millions Of Milkshakes!”

Kim Kardashian was seen picking strawberries from her yogurt yesterday from a yogurt shop just across the street from the one and only “Millions Of Milkshakes! What’s going on here you say? Well ya gotta give Kim some slack, she was in a hurry trying to get back to boyfriend Reggie Bush who was having his car washed at a local car wash next door! Kim supposedly has a frozen dessert at MOM called Kardashian Shake which is basically a big chocolate booty on a stick…ya, you just lick it! Anyway the truth is there is no CelebrityPuke shake …ya, you know what that would look like! So Kim ate all her yogurt and left in Reggie’s clean car of course not before saying hello to one Bobby Trendy.. but that’s another story!

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