Janet Jackson Speaks About Michael Jackson!

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Janet Jackson attended the BET awards on Sunday and let the world know how the Jackson’s are coping with the loss of Michael!

8 Responses to “Janet Jackson Speaks About Michael Jackson!”

  • mina says:

    omg…is it just me but if my brother was dead i’d have no strength to go anywhere… showing at the award show few days later…it’s awful…

  • tania says:

    she is crying for him now where was she when he needed support,love and family.He wanted his childhood because he didnt have any.He was lonely all his life.


  • Understanding says:

    There is absolutely nothing she could have done to get his childhood back. I would have been right there on that stage too if that was my brother to show thanks and gratitude for those that do respect and appreciate him. I have been in this situation losing a sibling(No Michael Jackson), the hurt goes beyond any inflicted pain. You do things that seem out of the ordinary, but she did nothing wrong. In fact, Janet and Michael were the closest siblings and I really feel that this is really hurting her soul. Back off of the Jacksons. So many people want to bash them and no nothing about them, except what you hear in the media, believe it or not, they lie. God Bless the Jackson’s and all of the haters.

  • Michelle says:

    Mina, I truly understand where you are coming from. If it was brother, I would be DOWN and Out!!! But you must remember that Michael was truly an Icon. He loved his fans. He was real!!!!I think that out of respect to Michael. She had to do what she did. I, wholeheartedly, believe Michael would have wanted it that way!!!!!!

  • kristin says:

    at the awards show her eyes were DRY ans I doubt that she shed A tear! LOSER!

  • chereL7e says:

    I completely agree with you Mina as i was watching the show i saw his father and was like wtf….REALLY! i wudnt be able to even think let alone think that i should go into the public eye and make it known also michael was a private person i dont think he wud have really wanted her to speak on behalf of his passing.

  • Jazmine says:

    To Tania: Get you fact straight. Michael was not lonely all his life and Janet was his favorite sister and the one closet to him. They had water balloon fights and made home movies together. She spent time with hi min Neverland. Yes he did have a hard life but it made him who he was. It mad him understand the true meanings of life and how to enjoy it. i love Michael from the bottom of my heart. And with respect my heart goes to the whole Jackson family.

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