LaToya Jackson Arrives At Michael Jackson’s Home!

LaToya Jackson arrived at her brother Michael’s Beverly Hills home last night to meet with the rest of the family.

7 Responses to “LaToya Jackson Arrives At Michael Jackson’s Home!”

  • I have the nerves to say:

    ……………..that’s all.

  • christian ezewulu says:

    captain,GOD BLESS YOU 4 ME.

  • kidVicious says:

    i was not a huge fan of Michael Jackson but i loved his music. i just want to say how shocked i am. it is just so sad. Michael through all his troubles was a gentle and broken man. i am just so shocked. i keep thinking about it. no one will ever replace the entertainer that was MJ.
    but whatever he did wrong, debts, allegations, image issues – all bets are off. the man has paid his dues. RIP Michael Jackson. i hope your happier now.

  • Will says:

    why hasn’t anyone mentioned a personal defibrillator?

  • DJCarGuy says:

    The New Elvis

  • Theoneandonly says:

    I wasn’t a big fan of Michael Jackson, but I do love some of his music. I’ve been listening to MJ since I can remember and always loved his proformances. What really bothers me is how he died. I guess what I’m trying to say that he could of been saved. It is a great lost to his family. I know that fans around the world loved him, but family is family for life. I can not even try to think what might be going on in my minds of his love ones. I belive that they are shock and haven’t realy had the time to believe that he gone. They are going through this roller coster or spin wheel. Their minds and souls are tangled with disbelief. They just can’t beleave it or understand it right now. I just wanted to say that there is noting to say at a time like this. I think the best thing to be said is noting. Sorry for your lost and so on and so on means noting at all to a family who have lost such a geat deal. The best advice I think is when you do ever see a Jackson is to say noting. Look them dead in the eyes and let them speak for you. R.I.P Michael Jackson. You are truly miss by family and friends around the world. I know that he is in a better place, and that place is the true Neverland where happyness do really happens. Thank you all for reading this post and hope that some of you take this message and add to it and reshape it to fit the needs of someone you might have lost.

  • Deidre says:

    Today we funeralized on of the greatest , most talented, musical genius of all times, Michael Jackson was blessed with a talent and gift of music, song dance which inspired, comforted, and spread love that moved each one of us. Who did’t have a favorite Michael Jackson song. his gifts and talents will forever live on in the lives of each one of us who were moved to Make that Change as we looked at the Man in the Mirror, who were comforted with You are Not Alone . To his family we say thank you for sharring this gift so unselfishly with the world. Michael Jackson made the world a better place and his humanitarian efforts called each on of us to act, We are the World.. so let’s keep his dream alive and lets continue to make the world a better place for you and me. We love you MJ and you will be greatly missed.

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