Britney Spears Picks Up Michael Jackson Music!

Britney Spears stopped by a local Target store to pick up a Michael Jackson Number One Music CD!

10 Responses to “Britney Spears Picks Up Michael Jackson Music!”

    O.K…………………operating as a “stranger” too.

  • bobm says:

    Yep, Jacko could teach her a lot about putting on a show, but in the mean time his CD can teach her how great music sounds. Everybody should have a Jacko hits CD.

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  • Proud of you Britney you did not forget who teached you and inspired you the one and only the king of pop Michael Jackson.

  • Wendy says:

    two people I love
    and of course she has said before
    that she admires him…

  • Bim says:

    She was interested, and she lissen to his music that day.
    What was you haters doing?

    Now his dead. R.I.P

  • j says:

    He died 6/25…2 days prior she buys the c.d. #1s… she thought of him, no doubt her past with him. life is life. and she felt a vibe for a “friend” as we all have in the past (friend or family) ….please don’t doubt. <3

  • Pandora Hearts says:

    I think she knows how to work a crowd already, i mean publicity made her famous when she had nothing else. Jaco is a good influence as he was an amazing artist and hopefully if she gets her life in order she can be great again too.

    Don’t be mean in your comments :( Its just not nice

    Pandora Hearts fom the Black Lagoon

  • May says:

    You guys are ridiculous to say shit about her entertainment, look at all the performances before she had her meltdown. She was a flawless dancer and a good singer (at least she sound the same as her cd) Plus, she has REAL stage presence that is why MJ chose her to be in the performance The Way You Make Me Feel. She also written three quarters of her music, she isn’t the Princess Of Pop for nothing.. if anything she is The Queen.

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