Kelly Rowland’s “The Fashion Show” Hit Or Miss?

Kelly Rowland has a new show called “The Fashion Show” on Bravo! Some folks are saying it’s really good if you like shows like Project Runaway Others are saying it’s a stinker..Time will tell if Kelly can carry the show!

7 Responses to “Kelly Rowland’s “The Fashion Show” Hit Or Miss?”

  • A HIT nor A MIS, folks.
    (pretty the usual stuff)

  • celeb says:

    apparently is a new trend.

  • u look so fat

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  • Cynthinia says:

    I love The Fashon Show!!!

    Kelly and Isaac are great!!!

    No she’s not Heidi Klum and he’s not Tim Gunn.

    Look at the bigger picture…these designers are building their brand for the ones who are really good and don’t have to wait to the end of the show to start selling apparel…more of the designers will have an even stronger career because of the exposure of this show. Project Runways fans aren’t at a loss, the show will air on Lifetime. Believe or not, not everyone loved Project Runway…that show was too cold and icy for me, other than Tim Gunn.

    Kelly has worned apparel as part of her job and know a good designer and what designing entails…the show has its distinction…so let it roll and be happy at least for the designers getting a chance to rise…stop comparing the shows…it’s a waste of time and energy.

  • Wendy says:

    I like the show ok. I think it will grow more on me. I wish I liked Kelly Rowland on it more, but she just doesn’t seem comfortable in the role. They need a host with a little more umph.

  • sandra says:

    Why is people conparing Kelly Rowland to others? She has a style of her own and I like the way she looks and the way she carry herself.

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