Will Kristin Cavallari Save The Hills?

NOPE! And also.. who’s hotter Kristin or Lauren Conrad ? Anyway I hope Kristin can at least get creative enough to keep up with Heidi and Spencer’s wild antics let alone try and fill Lauren’s shoes!


12 Responses to “Will Kristin Cavallari Save The Hills?”

  • Ashley says:

    Kristin is gonna ruin the show completely. The show is nothing without Lauren Conrad.

  • Lanie says:

    Lauren is a fugly bore. At least Kristin has a personality.

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  • Sarah says:

    1. When Kristin took over Laguna Beach she made that show better. She will AGAIN make The Hills better! Whenever Kristin takes over for Lauren she does it better! 2. Kristin was offered the spin off show first. 3. Lauren got Kristin’s sloppy seconds with Stephen and Brody. 4. Kristin is more entertaining. Lauren is just too dull and boring! TEAM KRISTIN!

  • ……….LET’s HOPE NOT!!

  • mrs. k says:

    I think that “kristin” supporters are the b**ches of the world and LC supporters are the sweethearts of the world.

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  • Brody says:

    What has this fugster done since laguna? She’s not going to be able to save anything and she looks fugly as hell there

  • Kristin Who? says:

    I remember Kristin saying barely a year ago she would never do reality again because she is an actress. Guess that crappy acting career didn’t work out for you.

    Kristin ruined Laguna when she took it over…that is why it was cancelled. She turned into a platform for catty bitchy mess of a show. It was hard to watch. Hopefully Kristin can actually get along with people now. She craves drama and disagreements. She is an antagonist of the worst kind.

    The Hills was created for Lauren and will die out without her. Lauren may be boring to all of you that need to feed off other people’s drama that have no life of your own….but let me tell you Kristin has nothing going on for her except The Hills. She didn’t go to college and I am surprised she was even able to graduate high school. At least Lauren was a decent role model. She has goals in life other than being on camera on a weekly basis.

  • jess says:

    i agree with Kristen who!
    Lauren is a good role model. Kristen is a little tart.
    oh my god! oh my god!
    the show will die without Lauren! but now she is being replaced with her!!! someone who is already on the show should takeover, not a nobody!!

  • kristin is fugly says:

    I can’t believe people think lauren is a bore because she didn’t sleep around, give bl*wjo*bs to random guys and pretend to have fake catfights to dupe the lame retards who watch the show and actually believed it was real. What is this world coming to? Kristin is a skank and yes, the show will still suck no matter how hard kristin tries to “entertain” us with her acting skills.

  • Jordan says:

    I don’t think lauren is fugly at all… she is pretty cute… if anyone is fugly its this piece of trash… i don’t get it why does Kristin Cavallari have such a large following.. she is not pretty, she has a horse face, and she has a horrible attitude.. I just don’t get it… and i won’t be watching the hills any longer.

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