Paris Hilton’s Chewbacca Vuitton!

Paris Hilton really nailed it with her new fashion accessory! This fabulous Chewbacca Purse will fit nicely as she strolls along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!

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  • donghyun kim says:

    hmm she’s my type

    anyway long time no see all

    i will live in america

    because it was my dream

    i’ll make it

    dreams come true

    go donghyun

  • gab says:

    it’s vuitton

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  • Ashley says:

    give me a fucking break.

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  • chiva says:

    hey fuck so yo…..get what is aight…………

  • Mike Kelly says:

    BEFORE THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION U.S Department of Justice Civil Rights Division 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530 (202)514-2151 fax: (202)514-0293 TTY (202)514-0716 Disability Rights Section. Michael R. Kelly ) Claimant ) No:____________________ Vs. ) ) Rick Hilton; ) Richard Hilton; ) Paris Hilton ) William Barron Hilton of: ) Hilton Hotel(s) ) Hilton Headshop ) President George W. Bush ) Vice-President Joseph Biden ) Attorney General ) John Ash croft ) ) ) _________________________________________________________________________ COMPLAINT and JURY DEMAND Claimant, Michael R. Kelly, Comes now with complaint for damages against said defendant(s) Rick Hilton, Richard Hilton, Paris Hilton, William Baron Hilton, 2008 President George W. Bush, Vice-President Joseph Biden, Attorney General John Ashcroft. Statement of Claim: This action to vindicate violations of the Claimant’s Civil Rights and to redress the unlawful and discriminatory and Cruel and Inhumane Punishment of the Defendants. This action arises out of illegal and wrongful Discrimination against a Disabled Person in whole or in part, upon his gender and /or race and disability in violation of Title I and Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 12010.Section 2(a)1.(a) 3.(a)5(b)1(b)2(b)3 and Section 12112(Section 102)(b)2(b)3a.(b)5a.and Section 12113(Section 103)(a)(d)1.and Section 12116(Section 106) and Section 12117(Section 107)(a)(b) 42 U.S.C. 200e-5note (a) 706 Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990as amended, 42 U.S.C. 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Section 1981. I. A. JURISDICTION. 1. This Action is brought pursuant to the Federal Torts Claim Act. 2(a) U.S.C Sections 2671 through 2680; 28 U.S.C. Section 1346(b)18U.S.C. Section 1964;42 U.S.C. Sections 1983 and 1988,Protection of Human Rights Act, the Convention Against Torture and Cruel and Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of June 26,1987 and as amended thereafter; the Hague Convention ;42U.S.C.Section 1981;42U.S.C. 1982,1983,1985, and 1986 of 42U.S.C.Section 1988[Prosedeeings of Vindication of Civil Rights],of said Title IX of Public Law 92-318{2U.S.C.(a) Section 1681 et. Seq.),the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 [42U.S.C. Section 2000 (b)(b),et seq.] Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 [42U.S.C. Section 2000 (d) et. Seq.] Including Section 13981 and said Title, the Court in its discretion may allow the prevailing party, other than the United States , a reasonable attorneys fee as part of the cost. Also under the Courts jurisdiction as part of the cost award in its discretion ,in awarding fees under 42U.S.C.Section 1988 (b) and (c) in any action or proceeding to enforce a provision of Section 1981 or 1981 (a) of said Title, the Court, in its discretion, may include expert fees in addition to the attorneys fees after it orders an expert(s) as provided under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure set forth infra. 2. Jurisdiction is proper in this Court pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 1331,1337 because this matter involves allegations of illegal behavior arising under the law of the United States, including violations This is a Civil Action seeking judgment and relief and/or damages brought pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act 42,U.S.C. 12101 et, seq. as amended for discrimination based upon disability and the failure to accommodate same this court has jurisdiction of this action pursuant to Title II of the American with Disabilities Act 504 of the Retaliation Act of 1973,24 C.F.R. part 35 28 U.S.C. 1331 and 1343 (4) PL 105-220,1998 hr 1385 PL105-220, enacted on August 7, 1998, 112 Stat 936 codified as : Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, 29 U.S.C. 794d Executive Order 12250, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964’and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. 794d and of Racketeer influence and Corruption Organization (“RICO“). Furthermore, the jurisdiction is proper pursuant to RICO, 18 U.S.C. Sections 1964 (a) and (c) and 28 U.S.C. 1651(a), The Defendants are “persons” within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. Sections 1961(3).As to Claimant Kelly, the jurisdiction is proper in this Court pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 1332 because the matter and controversy exceeds the sum or value of $75,000. Dollars and involves part of diverse citizenship or status under the Constitution. Claimant Kelly is a “person” Within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. Section 1961(3).This Court may exercise jurisdiction over Claimants non-federal claim pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 1367,as this Court possesses both Federal subject matter and /or diversity jurisdiction. Claimant reserves the right to amen paragraph. B.VENUE. Venue is proper in this Court pursuant to 18 U.S.C. Section 1965,(a) defendants reside, are found, operate under authority or office, have an agent, or are connected with or related to the afore said, or transact affairs in this district. Venue is also proper in this Court pursuant to 18 U.S.C. Section 1965 (b) because, to the extent any Defendant may reside outside this district, the ends of justice require such Defendant(s) to be brought before the Court. Venue properly lies in this Court pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 1391 (b)(2) or Alternatively pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 1391 (a)(2).Further, certain of the conspiratorial acts alleged herein took place and continue to take place within this judicial district. Any and or all the Does 1-10 who are employed with ,contracted with and connected to Defendant USA, or the judicial system can be compelled through order and/or subpoena power of this Federal court to be subjected to discovery or otherwise appear before the Court under Federal Law, executive order, or the Code of Federal Regulations or other process.C. (c) ADMINISTRATIVE PREREQUISITES. Claimant Kelly has complied with all administrative prerequisites to action under Section 706 of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, 42 U.S.C. Sections 2000e- Claimant Kelly files this formal charge of Discrimination and Cruel and Inhumane Punishment, RFID laws and R.I.C.O. with the State of Missouri. Claimant Kelly has exhausted all available administrative remedies in accord with the aforementioned statutes prior to instituting this Complaint and Defendant(s) fail to comply. Claimant Kelly formally requests a Notice of Complaint and the Right to Sue, No administrative prerequisites are required before Claimant files a Complaint to the Civil Rights Act of 1866, as amended by Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1991, 42 U.S.C. Section 1981. II.PARTIES. 3. (a) Defendant Rick Hilton of Hilton Hotels and Hilton Headshop (b) Defendant Richard Hilton of Hilton Hotels (c) Defendant Paris Hilton (d) Defendant George W. Bush (e) Defendant Vice-President Joseph Biden (f) Defendant Attorney General John Ashcroft Defendant Rick Hilton’s employee(s) agents (g) Robert Wayne Smith and (h) Kimberly Clare Smith, (i) Lee Hefely, and (j) Heather Hefley, (k) preacher- Joyce Meyer (l) Dr. Stefano Giardi (j) The United States of America, an International sovereign nation, (hereinafter “Defendant”USA”) empowered , limited and controlled subject to its United States Constitution (hereafter “U.S. Constitution”), is the United States of America as set forth by its territorial boundaries description which the Court is requested under Federal Rules of Evidence (“F.R.E.) Rule 201, to take judicial notice of said territorial description and boundaries commenly referred to the United States of America., “USA”, or sometimes United States of America, herein as defined and set forth under the United States Constitution. 4. The Defendant(s) U.S.A Vice President Joseph Biden and President George W. Bush, pursuant to the United States Constitution, Article I,II,and III, establishes the legislative powers, executive power and the power of the United States respectively. Claimant alleges under the Constitution that defendant Rick Hilton and entity under his own personal gain to establish a Government Grant of Science for the purpose to unlawfully torture said Claimant with said Tag. Under the Right to Know Act 2003, 15 U.S.C. 1453 Ch. 94 Section 6. Amendments to Title 15,CH. 94–Privacy is amended (1) by inserting the following under Subchapter II. Subchapter III. Aggregation of Non-public Personal Information and Radio Frequency Identification Tag Identification Information 6831, Privacy Protection for Consumers. (a) (1) A Business shall not combine or link an individuals nonpublic personal information with RFID tag identification, beyond what is required to manage inventory.(2) A business shall not, directly or through an affiliate, disclose to an nonaffiliated third party an individuals nonpublic information personal information in association with RFID tag identification information.(3) A business shall not, directly or through an affiliate or nonaffiliated third party, use RFID tag identification information to identify an individual.(b)(1),(2),(3)and (4), regulates the TAG, RFID illegal Neurochip, Microchip implant for illegal surveillance, Privacy Act, illegal use of such device.and unauthorized access to personal records and personal information. 5. Defendant Rick Hilton is an individual who is a citizen of the United States who acted within his own power under the United States Constitution. Acting individually and in concert with one another as support therein caused this injury to Claimant. 6. Claimant Kelly as a citizen of the United States of America USA, and a domiciled/resident of the State of Missouri, has a legal duty to counter fraud and any other illegal activities affecting his personal, financial interest, welfare, safety, or security as a Citizen of the State of Missouri through Whistle blowing activity. 7. Further it is the Defendants duty imposed upon said Defendant to protect Claimant Kelly from harm personally and to his financial interest related to Defendants use of the Tag RFID, Neurochip Microchip Implant. 8. The Defendant posses additional duties and authority that has been conferred to him by said compliance with Federal Law. 9. Wherein the areas of their compliancy and jurisdiction, Defendant of the United States of America through its Federal Judicial System and State counterparts have legal duty and responsibility to provide Claimant Kelly to exercise his procedural and substantive due process right to have access, objectiveness, impartiality and fairness by and through the judicial system and protect his use of judicial system without the court engaging in or engaging in corruption , unfairness, lack of objectivity or impartiality, favoritism all in a matter equating to or giving the appearance of obstruction of justice and tampering for the purpose to protect Defendant Rick Hilton using influential government figures to protect him. Government figures as Vice-President Joseph Biden, and George W. Bush, and Missouri Attorney General John Ashcroft. They had obstructed justice when Claimant Kelly called the FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation. Also to prevent the interference ,obstruction or loss of Claimant Kelly right to a jury trail on ultimate facts supported by reasonable evidence and protection of his rights of due process and equal protection through such access and use of judicial system as a witness. CLAIMANT KELLY’S RESERVATION OF RIGHTS. 10. Claimant Kelly reserves the right to amend all paragraphs. 11. Claimant Kelly makes the following allegations on his information and belief and on those grounds. I. INTRODUCTION STATEMENT OF CLAIM. Claimant Kelly alleges: 11. Defendant Rick Hilton co-owner of Hilton Hotels,Hilton Headshop and is working out of WASHU Washington Memorial Hospital, in St. Louis, Missouri, and is directly responsible for this Complaint and cause of action, and damages arises out of and during the course of unlawfully employed and fired and or failed to compensate Claimant Michael R. Kelly without pay for and to obtain a United States Grant for Science and is using Chronic Pain Sufferers, and used a Radio Frequency Identification Tag and for discrimination against a Disabled Person, and Religious persecution and for torture, cruel and inhumane punishment. Defendant Hilton unlawfully put Claimant Kelly into the Neurochip Grant Program without filling out and or filing with the Hilton Headshop affidavit. 12. Defendant Rick Hilton put a Neurochip, Microchip, RFID Radio Frequency Identification Tag, neural Implant, under the scalp (body) of Claimant Kelly without Claimant Kelly’s consent, knowledge, doctors prescription, a writ warrant to willfully and wonton cause pain and suffering. Defendant Hilton specifically used Kelly(s) and Kelley(s) (in his Grant Program) who were Chronic Pain Sufferers because he states that a man from San Bernardino, California Michael Raymond Kelley, sold him a 1974 Corvette and stole from him . 13. Rick Hilton has been Illegally surveillance and wire tapping Michael R. Kelly since March 3rd.2008, thru and to the present twenty-four hours a day. II. RESIDENCE: Claimant Kelly alleges: 14. Rick Hilton is the owner and co-maker of Hilton Hotels and is a resident of the United States of America, and the United States Patient 7209788, April, 24th. 2007, Tag Neurochip, Microchip. (see exhibits) 15. Rick Hilton is using via a Tag, two-way communication Neurochip, Microchip for two way communication device to torture, harass, and sexually harass Claimant Kelly. 16. Rick Hilton performed neural brain surgery on and operated on without a Missouri Physicians License and put the Neurochip, Microchip, Tag neural implant in said Plaintiff’s Michael R. Kelly’s scalp at Open MRI of Potosi, Missouri on or about on March 3rd.2008 Dr. Stefano Girardi Perdova, Italy. Allegation of injury at Open MRI of Potosi, Missouri 17. Open MRI of Potosi, Missouri. Open MRI of Potosi, #20-Southtowne Drive, Potosi, Missouri 63664 800-891-4894 (573)4366736 Defendant, Rick Hilton paid the Open MRI of Potosi, Technician to allow him and Dr. Strefano Girardi to operate on Claimant Kelly during an MRI: To take MRI Magnetic Resonance Images of the Tag, neural brain implant during said Operation. (EXHIBIT I CD of MRI at Open MRI of Potosi, Mo. March3rd,2009 and CT SCAN , 2# CD’s of Internet Blogging and Neurochip PDF‘s) (a) Stefano Giardi Neurochip Laboratory Department of Anatomy and Human Physiology University of Padova Via Francesco Marzolo 3 Padova- 35131, Italy E-Mail: (b)Defendant Hiltons Doctor, Stefano Girardiis not liscenced to practice in the United States of America nor licensed in the State of Missouri. (c) Stefano Giardi lives in Perdova, Italy, and is a Neuroscientist from the company Infineon and , Defendant Hilton (d) Stefano Girardi is the Defendant Hilton’s neurosergeon that operated on Claimant Kelly’s body at Open MRI of Potosi, Missouri. (e) Stefano Giradi is the sciencetist technician operating the neurochip SDRAM computers at WASHU Washington Memorial Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.(as stated in 25. How microchip works.) Allegations: Residence: Claimant Kelly alleges: 18. Claimant Michael Ray Kelly is a Resident of Potosi, Missouri 17115 South State Highway 21# Potosi, Missouri 63664 in Washington County; at the time Defendant Hilton put the Tag, Neurochip, Microchip Implant in Claimant Kelly’s head., at Open MRI of Potosi, Missouri Claimant Kelly is now a Resident of Arnold, Missouri 4550 Sky-View Dr. 63010 in Jefferson County; and was at Open MRI of Potosi, Missouri for a MRI in Washington County; on or about on March 3rd. 2008. 19. Plaintiff , Michael R. Kelly is described as a disabled person and is on Social Security Disability, #487-90-3603 and has been disabled since October,2nd.2000. 20. Defendant Rick Hilton refuses to turn off Tag, RFID Radio Frequency Identification Neurochip, Microchip without Federal Intervention. 21. Defendant Hilton put the tag Neurochip,Microchip Brain Implant in Claimant Kelly’s head without the Claimants knowledge, Consent , Prescription or Volunteering under Hilton Headshop. (a) Defendant Rick Hilton is a Resident of Los Angeles California, 2445 Whispering Willows,90011, Santa Cruz County; Hilton Head Island; 35 DeAllyon Drive 29938, Hilton Head Island, SC,USA PH#800-504-8823 Office: 617-583-1122 Fax: 617-583-1298 E-Mail: villa And allegedly claims that the United States Government Grant officer Defendant Hilton permission to murder Chronic Pain Sufferer patients, the Government gave Defendant Rick Hilton permission to “Compensate” Chronic Pain Sufferer patients, not to cut open their brain and kill the patient(s) subjects. (b) In the U.S.Patient# No: US7209788 it states chronic brain cultivation, as Defendant Hilton stated “Chronic Brain Cultivation means they killed the patient subject, by scareing them the neuronons go into and or on the Tag, Neurochip Microchip Brain Implant they murdered patients to re-cultivate the neurochip brain implant. The Defendant Rick Hilton to Claimant Kelly that he personally via two way communication has the to right murder patients from “Dr. Tom Hilton” and the United States Government Grant Program.. Claimant Kelly respectfully requests that Rick Hilton turn over all Grant(s) as stated so in this Complaint under the Challenge Grant Hilton Neurochip Project Documents for Discovery, evidence and forensic evaluation , patients and or subject(s) whom are and or where involved with the project, deceased (murdered) cases re-opened for Conspiracy to commit murder and /or Felony I formally request Federal intervention for Cruel and Inhumane Punishment. Defendant Rick Hilton refers to Claimant Kelly as his monkey for inhumane experimentation, Defendant Rick Hilton is trying to brain wash Claimant Kelly, and is trying to convince him to plea guilty to false charges so he can kill him by cutting a two by two inch square out of his skull. That is what Defendant Hilton stated which are under the rules that the Government gave him in the Grant under co-owner Defendant Rick Hilton’s Headshop, (a) NIH Challenge Grant -OD-09-003 Challenge in Health and Science as part of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Recovery Act) Pub.L.No.111-5 by Dr. Tom Hilton. 15-DA-112 3-DA-101,3-DA-104Biomarkers for Pain, 04-DA- 111Clinical Neurobiology of Chronic Opioid use and misuse,.05-DA- 103Intergrated vs. Separate Treatment of Substance Abuse and Co morbid Conditions,05-DA-105Comparing Episodic and Continuous Care for Drug Abuse Treatment, 08-DA-101 An Epigenetic “NEUROCHIP”, 01-DA-101 New Tools for Neuroscience and Neurofeedback,15-DA-101 New Models and Measures in Pre-Clinical Chronic Pain Research,15-RR-101Applied Transitional technology development. for hiring employees see exhibit II. (b)Rick Hilton’s Neurochip U.S. Patient (http://www.Patient Storm) No: 5517600 (c) the allegations and statements made are an exemption under the heresay rule because they were out-of-court statements made via two-way communication by The Tag,Neurochip,Microchip Brain Implant. Fed.Rule of Evid.802,Cal.Evid. Code 1200,NY Code of Evid.802,and Texas Civ.Rule of Evid.802. 22. Defendant Rick Hilton and hired employees Robert Wayne Smith of South County St. Louis, Missouri, Wilburn Lee Hefley of South St. Louis, Missouri, and Scott Pinkerton of Fenton Missouri , at $20 dollars an hour to $40 dollars per hour, including hiring Joyce Meyer Preacher on Trinity Broadcasting Network, Jessie Duplantis of Louisianna from Trinity Broadcasting Network, Creflo Dollar of Trinity Broadcasting Network, at $400 dollars per hour, and that they were hired to aid in brain washing and Cruel and Inhumane Punishment. 23. Defendant Rick Hilton, explains in vivid detail child molestation toClaimant Kelly and is trying to make Claimant Kelly believe that it‘s his Daughter Lauren Madry (step-daughter) and son Michael Ray Smith, what a penis tastes like, how to suck on it, what a little girls vagina tastes like, they said a young female child’s vagina tastes like and smells like fish, and how it feels to have intercourse with children, Defendant Rick Hilton explains what it feels like a fist on your penis, their using pictographs and photographs, pornographic pictures and video taping of Employee Robert Wayne Smith’s and Kimberley Clare Smith’s two year old naked son to try to get me to think of molesting them , raping Comedian Fran Drescher, killing Union Painter co-workers in Iowa , killing former late Mel Carnahan in Missouri, is responsible for 911 and know Osama Bin Ladin, also wants to use my son Nicholas Ryan Kelly and put the Neurochip Tag in his brain to brainwash him just for revenge because I’m filing a lawsuit he said that he was going to put him in his grant program as a chronic pain sufferer,also trying to convince Claimant Kelly that I have or poses an IDE bomb and how to make one they said you have to pack the gun powder with a press, tried to kill George Bush Senior in 1994, Also Defendant Hilton stated that he is going to pay off Federal Judges and he had investor Vice-President Joseph Biden call the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) and had them refuse to investigate my complaint and he stated to the FBI that what I stated on-line was a hoax, They (defendant Hilton’s employees) also e-mailed all of the Senators of the White House that what Claimant Kelly’s complaint that he e-mailed and told them it was a hoax. Defendant Rick Hilton’s employee(s) 22. Defendant Rick Hilton is recording the proceedings twenty-four hours a day since March 3rd. 2003 thru and to the present. 23. The Defendant Rick Hilton stated that there are forty-six Investors involved in U.S. Grant No:7209788, each investor contributed $1,000 dollars to get a $1 Million dollar return. And Defendant Rick Hilton, Defendant Richard Hilton and Defendant Paris Hilton split the rest of the Grant money. 24. Defendant Rick Hilton is using Chronic Pain Sufferers because he states that they have no reason to live. 25.Claimant Kelly respectfully request Federal Intervention from D.A.R.P.A Neurochip Program to testify and a Neuroscientist to testify and an examination of Claimant Kelly’s neural implant of the MRI and CT-SCAN. How microchip ,RFID (radio Frequency Identification tag, neurochip works. (a) an wireless implant able Tag,Neurochip,Microchip,BCI brain computer interface implanted on the brain of the Celebelum nerve which collects and receives and sends visual and hearing signals via communication between the Tag,Neurochip,Microchip brain Implant by a computer. The microwire which works in real-time (the Tag, Neurochip,Microchip can communicate to the patient(s) microwire implant inside the patients head by neural signals and can interoperate human voice, and visual cortex during real-time as the Defendant Hilton(s) technician (Stefano Girardi) via the Technician can communicate and voice commands, and video cameras connected to the Defendant Hilton(s) computer to visually communicate with the Tag,Neurochip, Microchip and send computer graphics, pictures, video(s), with the actuator that interoperates and sends real-time communication(s) to the Tag, Neurochip, Microchip(s) wireless sensory {motor command] via electrical signals directly to the subjects brain through the implantable microwire electrode microchip that Defendant Hilton has been using to brainwash Claimant Kelly. MEMs Fed Vol.197, Application of Micro fabrication to Fluid Mechanics ASME 1994The computer reads neurosignals that appear red and blue, red is allegedly means that your telling the truth and blue means that your lying, although it is an incomplete science. Defendant Rick Hilton tried different experiments with false names and different explanations and seen that the neurochip science was incomplete with errors; turn the gain (blue side of the brain) to the left to say that Claimant Kelly is lying, (see exhibit III.pdf and web.) (b) Tag,Neurochip, Microchip brain Implant is a wireless Closed loop brain computer interface (BCI, Brain Computer Interface) comprises TEFLON.RTM. Platinum, and tungsten, Coated stainless steel microwires receives motor command extraction algorithms comprised of an artificial neural network extracted microchip implant able in the brain of an human patient subject.Wherein the implant able Tag, Neurochip, and the motor command can communicate wirelessly between the patient subject and the computer. Defendant Hilton has been using this Devise to give me artifical memories of Child molestation, like showing me in real time; sucking on a two- year olds penis and describing what it tastes like (he said it tastes like a potato chip and kind of rubbery they have also trained my mind to feel artificially by description them explicitly) Murders, Robberies, and Thefts, Defendant Hilton even controls the dreams that Claimant Kelly has every night. Defendant Hilton broke and entered into Claimant Kelly’s home in Potosi, Missouri without a warrant as they told Claimant Kelly’s neighbors that they were the DEA Drug Enforcement Agency and that they were investigating him for drug trafficking and use, and stole several photographs of his family and he’s making pictures of naked children to frame Claimant Kelly with inwhich they are making and then stating that these are Claimant Kellys which they allegedly stole or confiscated. The Neurochip has complete control over the mind, and emotional states. (c) The communication between the tag,neurochip and the motor command extraction, the sensory information, and visual information and sensory feedback information acquired in realtime to the subjects brain and communicates to the Tag, (as long as their video camera is on, you can see every thing their doing in real-time, also with the computer they can put in your thoughts (mind) artificial memories and videos in real-time Defendant Hilton even controls the dreams Claimant Kelly has everyday as afore stated) neurochip by amplified signals adapted to communicate with the plurality of electrodes transmitting signals from Defendants Hiltons computer wirelessly from a distance up to Fifty-Miles. Abbreviations ANN artificial neural network DPS digital signal processing EEG electroencephalograph fMRI functional magnetic resonance imaging LAN local area network M1 primary motor cortex NMAP many neuron acquistion processor Pmd dorsal premotor cortex PP posterior parietal cortex RMS root mean square SRAM static random access memory TCP/IP transmission control protocal/ Internet protocal. device, which collects data to a data acquisition module (computer) by extra cellular electrical signals. (exhibit VI: US patient No:7209788Closed Loop Brain Machine Interface) (d) Tag microchip is wireless. The closed loop brain-machine interface that employs Brain -derived signals and is advance beyond prior art apparatuses BCI brain computer Tag,(RFID) Radio Frequency Identification Neurochips,interface inventions, methods and propositions in the field of brain-machine interface which provides communication between the patient and technician talking, and relaying video signals through the computer, much like the internet communication devices between two people communicating via the internet wireless communication. (e) MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System) The Neurochip is a Integrated Circuits (IC) microchip involve several million Micro-Transistors on a (Tag).which have Micro-sized parts and IC, which are used in-vivo (human or primate tolerant which can be put in the brain) and have sensors and actuators that are mechanical devices that form integrated circuits to (bio-medical) micro machines that capture neurons in a micro cavity to obtain the electrical signal between neurons which makes it possible in- vivo receive neuron signals in-vivo by inserting micro neuron probes into the brain via are read by the motor command center, the data TCP/IP Transmission total protocal/Internet protocal SRAM in the technicians computer (Exhibit III). (f) Before Defendant Hilton started using Human Patients, he was using Primates, and stated in the US patient No: 7209788 and other US patients as stated. the Defendant Stated” well pay off court witnesses $10,000 dollars each. Defendant Hilton stated” that they were DEA, agents to Claimant Kelly’s neighbors in Potosi, Dan and Val Burns of Arrow Graphics,. 17 143 South State Highway 21 Potosi, Missouri, 63664-3041 III. CONCLUSION. REMEDIES (26) Claimant Kelly further alleges that Defendant Hilton did use electronic implants to Claimant Kelly to disable Claimant Kellys Constituiional, and Civil Rights for the purpose to limit, control and stop this lawsuit by executive means using George W. Bush and Vice-President Joseph Biden, and Attorney General John Ashcroft to control the Federal Government by unlawful, bribes, and select aquainenances to influence Judicial decisions and control the FBI Federal Bureau Investigations.(Defendant Hilton stated that Donald Rumsfeld was at WASHU Washington Memorial Hospital and that he was apart of the Neurochip Project. Even though he was not present and not apart of the HiltonHeadshop, Neurochip U.S. Grant, Defendant Hilton was stating that a man their was Donald Rumsfeld.) (27) Claimant Kelly alleges that his life was threatened and that he was tortured and brain washed by Defendant Rick Hilton, and Government official(s)and Hilton’s employee(s) they stated that they want to murder him at WASHU Washington Memorial Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri for obtainment of a U.S.Grant and for filing this lawsuit. Claimant Kelly’s son Nicholas Ryan Kelly and daughter Brittany Morgan Kelly lifes were threatened by Defendant Hilton stating that he was going to put a Tag,Neurochip Microchip Implant in this head and brain wash and torture them because Claimant Kelly is filing this lawsuit.These threats were done remotely and electronically so they could and would be denied by the Government and corrupt judges that protect Defendant Rick Hilton and corrupt agents in the Government under Vice-President Joseph Biden and George W. Bush that work under their direction of his appointees.This outrageous conduct of Defendant Rick Hilton continues even today since March 3rd. 2008, thru and to the present and Defendant Rick Hilton uses these Government authorities to torture, oppress, and corrupt Claimant Kelly. (28) As Direct and proximate cause of Claimant Kelly’s loss of trust in the Federal Government, capacity, and continuous mental and physical torture sustained by Defendant Rick Hilton, Vice-President Joseph Biden, 2008-President George W. Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft, and Defendant Hilton’s employees and other State of Missoururi Government officals and St. Louis, City Police (officer Neno) . Claimant Kelly has been deprived of his standard of living desired by him and lead a happy and satisfying life and family life and his privacy, due process, peace and right of association provided by Claimant Kelly’s family and his friends. And has further deprived of and loss of benefit of his family and friends love,affection,companionship,confort,sex,guidance,economixc stability, security, and trust in the Government, and further Claimant Kelly Claimant Kelly incurred medical and other personal effects stolen from him (family photos) on information and belief on those grounds. (29) As further direct and proximate cause of the acts and conduct of the Defendants, while engaging in violating in Claimant Kelly’s Constitutional Rights Claimant Kelly Believes Defendant Rick Hilton and the other Defendants failed to use reasonable care and reckless and negligent selection, hiring and said City of St.Louis, Missouri police officer(s) Neno and continues to threaten life in threatening situations, abuse and legal process and gross violation of Claimant Kelly’s Federal and State Constitutional Rights. (30) The United States of America and Vice-President Joseph Biden and George W. Bush had a duty to protect and prevent the violation of Claimant Kelly’s federal and State Constitutional Rights, and further to protect Claimant Kelly from dangers and inadequately trained, educated and skilled agents, police officer(s) employees of Defendant Rick Hilton’s and negligent acts of the afore said. (31) Defendant Rick Hilton and the United States of America and Vice -President Joseph Biden and George W. Bush had a common law and statutory duty to protect Claimant Kelly pursuant to the Constitution of the United States of America and the Federal Statutes, including 28 U.S.C. 2674 and regulations pertaining to law enforcement and its relative investigative activities and management of agents and police officer(s) in conducting Defendant Rick Hilton’s U.S.Grant(s). (32) In addition to liability imposed on Defendant Hilton and the United States of America due to its respective breach of duty common law and statutory duties and violation of Claimant Kelly’s federal and Constitutional Rights to protect him from torturous acts. The United States of America and Vice -President Joseph Biden and George W. Bush is also liable to Claimant by virtue of respondent superior due to wrongful and torturous acts. (33) Defendant Rick Hilton was reckless and negligent and failed to exercise reasonable care in both its common law and statutory duty to protect Claimant Kelly. (a) Right to Know Act of 2003 15 U.S.C 1453 Section 6 (6831.CH.94–Privacy Failure to comply with a Court Order. A Municipal entity or Public Offical who does not comply promply with a Court Order under Right-to-Know-law is subject to criminal penalties of $500 Dollars per day until public record is provided by Defendant Rick Hilton. This Court may impose Sanctions 2. Bad Faith Denial. A Court may impose a Civil Penalty of not more than $1,500 if a Municipal entity denied access to public record in bad Faith.65 P.S. Section 67.1305(a).Under Federal law 42 U.S.C.1988 which include monetary damages. (34) The United States of America was reckless and negligent and failed to exercise reasonable care in both common law and statutory duty to protect Claimant Kelly’s Constitutional Rights under Federal Law. (35) From March 3rd.,2008 and continuing thereafter to present, the Defendant(s) and Vice-President Joseph Biden, and George W. Bush and respective Defendant(s)and its respective agents, police officer(s) and employee(s) of Defendant Rick Hilton had no reasonable suspicion or probably cause of criminal activity to warrant such torture, or fabrication of evidence, or gross negligence in violation of Claimant Kelly’s Constitutional Rights and Common Law Rights. (36) From March 2008, and continuing thereafter to the present, Defendant Hilton and the United States of America, and their respective agents, police officer(s) and Defendant Rick Hiltons employees had a duty under the Forth and Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to properly provide such adequate protections so as not to violate Claimant Kelly’s Constitutional Rights, and due process rights. Each and all of the afore said Defendants did not provide adequate protection and violated Claimant Kelly’s First,Second,Fourth,Fifth,Seventh,Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendment Rights under the Constitution. (37) From March 2008 and continuing thereafter to present, Defendants and each of them used improper, excessive and illegal surveillence activities, fabrication of evidence, abuse of process and implanted torturing device(s) in Claimant Kelly’s body, which caused Claimant to sustain life threatening physiological and psychological injuries, pain and suffering. They failed to remove the torture device(s) from Claimant Kelly’s body or provide adequate medical care to Claimant by negligently failing to monitor Claimant’s psychological and physical condition which has resulted in extreme mental and physical distress. (38) The Defendant Rick Hilton and the United States of America, and each of the Defendants individually, are directly liable for deprivation and violations of Claimant’s civil rights on grounds that Defendant Rick Hilton and the United States of America and each Defendant individually continue to violate such rights, and deliberate indifference and with conscious disregard for Claimant’s life and Constitutional Rights and personal rights and safety of public guaranteed under Federal Rules and Regulations pertaining to the lawful use and illegal surveillance, force, medical needs and provisions of care to Claimant, who has been psychologically and physically injured from such unlawful conduct. The Vice-President, Joseph Biden and President George W. Bush have disregard for the Claimants Constitutional Rights and safety of public guarantee in which the Defendant(s), agents, police officer, and Defendant Rick Hilton’s employee(s) employ excessive and illegal activities, violence which results in the denial and violation of Claimant’s and other personal rights within its jurisdiction, protection of their Federal and State Constitutional Rights/or basic medical care for serious injuries or illnesses caused by torture in belief that such wrongful acts will not stop on the grounds that the violation of rights and deliberate indifference with conscious disregard for Claimant’s Constitutional Rights, personal rights and safety will continue by Defendant Rick Hilton. (39) As further Direct and proximate result of violation of Claimant Kelly’s rights to privacy, violation of Claimants rights to due process, Claimant has and will continue to suffer significant grief, sorrow, shock, depression, pain and suffering, both psychological and emotional, humiliation and other general damages for which he is entitled to a fair and just compensation in an amount of $20 Million Dollars or according to proof of trial. (40) The actions of the Defendants deprived Claimant Kelly of the following rights under the Constitution of the United States of America, including the First, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Ninth and Fourteenth amendments; (a) freedom from the use of unreasonable and excessive force; (b) freedom from the deprivation of life and liberty without due process; (c) freedom to be secure in his person; (d) freedom from the unnecessary and wonton infliction of pain and suffering; (e) freedom from the deliberate indifference to his serious medical and psychological needs due to torture; (f) equal protection under the law; and (g) freedom of his personal papers, effects and things from government intrusion and (h) freedom to have right to privacy. (41) As a result of foresaid actions of Defendant Rick Hilton and the United States of America, Vice-President Joseph Biden, and President George W. Bush Defendant Rick Hilton’s employee(s) agents and officers, being a citizen of the United States of America and a resident of the State of Missouri, Claimant Kelly was and continues to be deprived of his rights and inalienable rights, privlages, and immunities secured by the Constitution of the United States of America, Claimants personal liberty has been violated, he has and continues to suffer physical, mental and emotional harm, anxiety, durness ,fear, and humiliation, torture and general pain and suffering in, on and upon Claimant’s body in the amount according to proof at time of trial. Claimant Kelly leaves here to amend same when ascertained. (42) Claimant Kelly is entitled to costs of suit, including reasonable attorney fees, investigation and other fees pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1988, however not limited thereto under Federal Private Attorney Act in the amount according to proof. (43) To the extent available under Federal Law, Claimant Kelly is entitled to recover Punitive Damages in the amount sufficient to punish the Defendant (s) and individual(s) and Defendant Vice-President Joseph Biden and George W. Bush and Defendant Rick Hilton’s employee(s) in order deter similar despicable conduct in the future in the amount according to proof under Federal Law, 150 Anz. 326 (1986). Claimant leaves here to amend this paragraph according to proof. (b) Defendant Rick Hilton was told by the United States Government to compensate all Patient, subjects and Defendant Kelly according to Grant specifications and has refused such payment to compensate. ( c) To the extent under Federal Law Claimant Kelly is entitled to Punitive Damages, under the Title II American with Disabilities Act and (44) WHEREFORE, Claimant prays for judgment against Defendants and each of them, individually; jointly and severally as follows: 1. For all compensatory damages for pain and suffering, ect. In the amount of $20 Million Dollars or according to proof. 2. For all costs of suit, including attorney fees, investigators, and other fees and costs pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1988 or/ and the Private Attorney General Act or according to proof. 3. For all special damages in the amount of $40 Million Dollars according to proof. 4. For all treble damages based on compensatory damages per RICO statute according to proof. 5. For all costs incurred in this action according to proof. 6. The Court is hereby demanded to make specific findings of fact and conclusion of law, pursuant to Federal Code of Civil Procedures, Rule 52, on each and all issues Of specific and ultimate facts raised in this Complaint, Claimant hereby reserves the right to amend all paragraphs. [This demand shall constitute a continuing demand and shall not be deemed waived unless specially done so by Claimant in writing in a separately filed pleading with the court entitiled “Notice of waiver of Finding of Fact and Conclusion” notarized. 7. For all pre-judgment interest in the amount according to proof; And 8. For all such other further relief as the Court deems just, fair and proper under the circumstances. Date:_______________________ Michael R. Kelly 4550 Sky-View Dr. Arnold, Mo. 63010 PH# (636)296-819 CELL# (314)723-4249 Plaintiff Copies of Notice of Government Claim Mailed by certified mail this___________ day of ______________________. Rick Hilton (of Hilton Hotels and Hilton Headshop and Hyland Real Estate of Beverly Hills California) Los Angels California Whispering Willows Ph# (310)278-3311 Hilton Head Island; 35 DeAllyon Drive 29938, Hilton Head Island, SC,USA PH#800-504-8823 Office: 617-583-1122 Fax: 617-583-1298 E-Mail: villa And: William Baron Hilton, Richard Hilton (of Hilton Hotels), Paris Hilton Vice-President: Joseph Biden White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C. 205000 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 Fax: 202-456-2461 Attorney General: John Ashcroft 950 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20530-0001 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 Fax: 202-456-2461 President: George W. Bush (in the year of 2008) 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20500 Switchboard202-456-1414 Fax: 202-456-2461 Rick Hilton’s employee (s) Robert Wayne Smith And Kimberly Clare Smith 9921 Musick Rd. St.Louis,Mo. 63123 (314)843-7738 Lee Hefley (Wilburn Lee Hefley) Heather Hefley Preacher- Joyce Meyer U.S. Headquarters P.O.BOX 655, Fenton,Mo. 63026 PH#800-727-9673 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I swear that a true copy of the foregoing was delivered by first class mail postage pre-paid of the “COMPLAINT” Before the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC, 20530 this____________day of _______________. ______________________ Michael R. Kelly

  • Cpcj says:

    Thanks for the update.In the Small Claims Court will iaemgs such as photographs and illustrations (registered or unregistered copyright) also be included? I can’t envisage a brand owner being willing to settle for a maximum 5000 award, nor a designer or even a database owner (unless it was a small online database list) – I could envisage a flood gate opening if individual iaemgs, graphics and illustrations were included.

  • Balinga says:

    So a claim would go straight to the dedenfant’s court. Could the claimant be awarded the costs of travel?And would this mean that a small claim could still be transferred to the multi-track at the court’s discreation, without the claimant having a say in it, with consequent extra expense?

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