Halle Berry & Baby Nahla!

Halle Berry and her beautiful daughter Nahla started the weekend off by visiting friends at a salon in Beverly Hills! Halle also has two new films in the works starting with “Frankie & Alice“!!


6 Responses to “Halle Berry & Baby Nahla!”

  • Anonymous says:

    She isn’t filming any other movie just yet Frankie & Alice is the only movie she’s got in the can at the present time w/no release date set yet. All other projects are in the behind-the-scenes stages i.e. script changes etc.

  • PaulaH says:

    “Beautiful daughter”? Ok, that baby is ugly. Let’s not pretend she’s beautiful just because her mother is famous.

  • isis says:

    wow PaulaH , talking about infants haven’t you gone a little too far? Nahla is adorable you only wish you could produce offspring such as her!

  • SB says:

    Wow! “b” does that stand for dumb ignorant bi**ch…because that was a pretty ignorant comment you just made. Nasty comments like that should stay in the evils of your own mind…you scab.

  • natasha says:

    i like her baby she so adorable

  • Andreiaww says:

    Prettiest baby in Hollywood by far.

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