Whitney Port Takes A Cab!

Whitney Port must have gotten used to taking cabs in New York city because she took a cab with friends in Beverly Hills last night!


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  • hay gurl man I love the city and I thik I will be seeing you soon if i get acepted to start a show on tv like you but its going to be alot different. I am 13 years old and I know that I can make thigs happen for self. I am not actually a 2 in size but that does not matter but dont get me wrong im not the size of the door way or any thing but i am preety classy when it comes to fashion I love fasion excpecially the way you guys on the city dress,anyways let me stop talking about me .the people on this website said you were an alcholic I hope that is not true you are to classy for that. well that is all for now.ps:I need you to read this asap

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