Brendan Fraser Needs More Light Bulbs!

The Mummy’s Brendan Fraser stopped by a light bulb store in Hollywood for some.. you guessed it, light Bulbs! Hollywood can be really boring too folks!

5 Responses to “Brendan Fraser Needs More Light Bulbs!”

  • ……………………….AND CONDOMS, folks!!

  • allison9090 says:

    I hope he picked up a sun lamp. Dude is pastie-lookin’!

  • DEBBS says:

    Poor guy! Can’t even go to the lightbulb store without nasty comments being made! Why does everyone think that you need to be tan? Don’t you know that when you’re all leathery and wrinkley and sun damaged, he’ll look all young and smooth and healthy? I think he looks FANTASTIC!

  • dogzilla564 says:

    I agree with DEBBS , poor guy can’t do anything without them nasty comments. I also agree, its not bad to be pale, i work hard to keep myself pale!

  • Barbara Ellen Lengyel says:

    The mummy was one of the times to say that no one new of the pharoh that caused hell for God’s people. The last movie was one to say had more interest in what truth was that kept these mummification to be stayed in the ground. New well how to protect from those whom had no care in the world.

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