Natalie Portman Flip-Flops Around LA!

Queen Padme’ Amidala or Natalie Portman took a stroll around Los Angeles yesterday in her flip-flop sandles while chatting on her Blackberry cellphone!

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  • This is a jesus-lookalike?
    be sure: FOR THE FLIP-FLOPS THAT IS, folks!!

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  • [...] Natalie Portman Flip-Flops Around LA! – Celebrity Puke [...]

  • She is so vapid… truly uninteresting.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

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  • DMITRY says:

    1 – The small introduction for understanding:

    Huge and the earnest entreaty to transfer the given message for the person,
    which now stay in Los-Anjeles (It is important to me to made with this person contact)!!!!
    She made first step – my daughter (6 years old in june) with me trust she and waiting only she in july.
    The reason in that I search third Julia about two years.
    It has dreamed me in a dream when I slept in the autumn 2006.
    My dream “was” in an apartment at my friend Lebedev Pavel whom have killed in a disco approximately 7-9 years ago.
    With the first Julia I have a sex at school time, at me am daughter Julia – she is the second,
    and here third Julia I search it is more than year but as Juliya on our planet it is a lot of everyone will approach not.
    And all this will be because I have got divorced from wife in 2007 and I live without sex of more year
    and also I sleep on a floor, I give the alimony on the children and don’t see an exit in this situation
    - only find new girl-frend-new wife – only third Julia (third – mean – live together).
    I have bought to myself a wedding ring when married in 2000 – it has appeared with the big crack on the internal party.

    2 – The small information – why you should transfer this information for this person.

    The life creates to us many inexplicable questions which it is impossible to explain any logic.
    What you know about decoding the future from the bible on a computer it was possible to find word Tora
    and “mary have a sheep” ?
    We have many songs with many words in songs about third Julia.
    Thus I shall notice, that many of the listed people HAVE died as my friend Pavel –
    THESE SONGS With ANY PURPOSE And is not simple SO.

    I like SCOOTER about 10 years – and at Scooter there is a mix “Wednesday” where it cheerfully sings “Ha-Ha” is means,
    that I married first time on Wednesday also has divorced in 2007 – on the Russian customs for the first time married
    on Fridays, and on Wednesday married second time – here such Ha-Ha.
    Scooter: “Hey Dmitry – YO!” And “every singe borrowed in this word” – it is a lot of links without our understanding.
    You for certain remember Russian song of Murat Nasyrov with words (It has died – has jumped out in a window):
    And to what to me now to recollect new your name – Julia (not russia name “Юлия”, and an English name Julia –
    it means what to search third it is necessary not in Russia), and other word in this song – we are divided with ocean
    (today – pacific ocean).
    Victor Tsoy (many years are killed back) – and is capable to reach stars not including, that it is a dream.
    Still there is an old song: “Juli taxi” is means, that Julia = Julia + avia taxi (July 2009).
    Russian CARMEN: many interesting song – any words of them : ready usa, maded usa.
    Also it is necessary to listen Michael Shufutinsky’s (or Michael Krug – i’m dont remember – one of them – killed)
    to song and words after word NATALIE (!!!) in a refrain – and gruop “arm’s up” about NATASHA
    (with translate – another word, but one mean – come to me fast).
    Modern-tolking with a song “atlantik is colling (s.o.s. for love)” some word and scooter “may-day”,
    and i finded another song whith words “take you chance”, but why word “chance” there are sing’n as
    “ШАНС” in russia langwidge ? Music from Cappela – calling your name.
    SCOOTER – we “plaing” 1-2-3, we wated 1-2-3, i liked 1-2-3 – it dosnt meter in me –
    THE REAL BRAKE IN NATALIE PORTMAN (Leon, where is heart)- back in time, a back in my heard (SEE ALL MY PICTURES),
    play nothinc(g) with heart – ONLY MY HEART.
    Scooter – maria belive my – i liked heard plus song – marian (version) – what you know about decoding the future
    from the bible on a computer it was possible to find word Tora and “mary have a sheep” ?
    - (street and sheep “qween Mary” in NY and see my pasport’2007 – sheep = баран (баран + водоплавающий = simbol from
    zodiak of january, I at school had a nickname – Gura, and I was born in Vladivostok – there is an area with name ZhiGUR.
    We are not a mounkey, but we have a key (key – or Me or Natalie).
    Why the way 2009 – year of the cow – “Behind the cow” ?
    Well so who is dared by the last or “Whos got the last laugh now”?

    Thus I shall notice, that many of the listed people HAVE died – THESE SONGS With ANY PURPOSE And is not simple SO.

    3 – the end part.

    Would like to inform you that Natalie Portman, recently it is strongly tired from work and
    very strongly wishes to have a rest easy in the summer 2009 in July-August in Russia on Kamchatka
    - notice – she really wants it also I about it I know – and if you do not know – see foto “she made first step”.
    Naturally to us will have to go on foot, to bear backpacks in weight of the order of 20 kg and to sleep in tent.
    Thus to us will have to pass on foot about 210 km. We shall go to a backpacking in valley Nalichevo rear
    house volcanos about 15-20 days, next step – south in volcano Mutnovsky with hot’s springs and
    small “dall of geysers” – about 5-10 days.
    Natalie should buy a tourist backpack in volume of 130 litres, tourist boots,
    the tourist sleeping bag. She can fly to me from Los-Angeles to Moscow and then Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, but last time
    we have a problem with air company and many people are waiting airbus in Moscow about one week.
    Also she can fly from Los-Angeles to Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky through Anchorage – better than through Moscow
    (if that flight not close today (open in 2007)).

    The visa to Russia is better for opening for 2 (3) months and to buy tickets aboard the plane today,
    instead of tomorrow (because we have 6 months (today 10 January 2009 – my birthday) – its very small time interval).
    The small information about flight Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-Anchorage:
    In 2008 we sow – 13 flights from July, 7th till September, 15th have been executed.
    See more –
    Some days in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatky we shall be stay at my mum or at the sister or at the father.

    For made that we have tow variats:
    A – Natalie fly to Kamchatka on July about 20-30 – start to Nalichevo (without snow) and have not time for Mutnovka
    (i don’t like variant A).
    B – fly about 10-15 in july – made Nalichevo and comeback about 1-10 august and have time for Mutnovka
    (i like B).

    Also I need to be informed for Natalie – the necessary list of things and tourist subjects
    (as a small video camera with second-third battery, fotocamera with second-third battery)
    which needs to be taken with itself (one of them i got today – for: me + my daughter + Natalie) –
    you can help to made with Natalie contact.

    The contact information:
    Gurochkin Dmitry Evgenevich
    683024, Russia, the Kamchatka edge, the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the prospectus of Fishermen,
    the house 34, an apartment 34.
    mobile phone 8-962-290-12-63, home phone: a code of country + a code of city (4152) + phone (23-64-97),
    And just in case – if with me there will be no communication, additional contacts to me:
    My mum Lyudmila Nikolaevna – phone 8-914-787-77-55, my sister Tatyana 8-914-781-14-82,
    My father Evgenie Vasilevich 8-962-216-52-47. The new wife of my father Galina-8-909-838-84-17.
    a home telephone number of my father 49-70-25.

    That’s all and I – waiting… for spring…

    END. Thank you!

    P.S. (can not reading)
    very-very-very small part (interesting for me) from scooter (my last 11 years) :

    waiting for spring (many means – summer with spring, she is a spring or another),
    different reality (the first is wite),
    our happy hardcore – one (allways hardcore – one in million (modern talkink)),
    last warning (my first song from scooter),
    hadns up (as a russian song-group and song “Natasha”- ones again),
    are you happy (RU),
    the laerning process (the first time),
    main floor (i need you on the floor (fours floor)),
    summer wine (dansing in the moon lite),
    space cowboy (dark star),
    trance anlantic (NY),
    my eyes are dry (and dont “see”),
    let me bee your valentine (do you want to see Valentin – old man near volcano Dzenzoor whith hat spring?),
    and the beat goes on (put the beat for this jam (see as shake that)),
    she said move to the reason (she is a reason – are you ready question),
    what we said – jigga jigga,
    SHAK THAT (after my summer 2007),
    the avenger’s back,
    hello (good to be back – return of the future),
    how much is the fishe (does the fish have chips – all time i have journal CHIP, chip born in Germany
    in 1978 – when i was born),
    the hardcore massive (one (allways hardcore)),
    im lonely (i have not wife and girlfriend),
    generated in the future,
    the first – is white (the secod red),
    I’m fouty three (43 – Hans 16 march – 16.03.2009 – 44),
    three men on the boat and fours sigarets – do you now ho is 4 sigarets and how to “smoke” ?
    I’m dancing in the moon lite (do you see a “word – MOON” in walley Nalichevo?),
    we are ready to go – so comeon (back in time – set your mind free – stop to dance and put your on the trance -
    trance anlantic – atlantic is calling (S.O.S. – modern talking)),
    forever (keep me runing – do you know what that mean – forever),
    Davay-Davay (Давай-давай – as lets go or come on or give it up now),
    for three – i was maded loving you,
    to return to floor – you are wrong – I AM RIGHTE – SHAKE THAT,
    first time – i seen (any words:) place and SAW your face,
    confushion all a round – dont let me be (do not let it me be ) – “third julia” – all right,
    all together (sole get down – we take a higher),
    do you remember my words at scool time “i want a silence” (scooter – i live in a silence),
    body in plane (july taxy – i’m raving in summer – do you are feel when i feel),
    and many another word in scooter (dont remember now). – Are you ready question (to me plus SCOOTER).
    we are not a mounkey, but we have a key (key – or Me or Natalie),
    main floor – i need you on the floor (keep me running – 4 floor) and many another,
    for free – 43.

    save me from the grave – marian (version – my real life) – do you remember
    words “Mary has a sheep” from decoding future in bible (or evangle – dont remember)…..

    If you can not made transfer my message with picture for she then please answerd – do you know ho
    can made this transfer in LA (or mail or company or or another)? Thank’s !

  • Freakedout says:

    Hey Dimitri,

    Lay off the drugs dude…i mean Jesus. Or better yet seek some professional help, seriously man.

  • bing says:

    Hello mates, its wonderful paragraph concerning cultureand fully defined,
    keep it up all the time.

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