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Little Rocky Balboa!

Cutie little Zuma Rossdale tosses a little left handed boxing jab at mommy Gwen Stefani while at a play park in Beverly Hills CA.

Rene Russo Returns From The 1990′s!

Rene Russo last made me smile in the Thomas Crown Affair.. it’s good to see old Hollywood still having fun! She wasn’t too shabby in the Lethal Weapon flicks either, but Two for The Money..ouch, not even Al Pacino could save that thing!

Coachella 2009 Line Up… Finally!

Kung Fu!

David Carradine from Kung Fu, Lone Wolf McQuade, and every other great action movie ever made is alive and kicking! A matter of fact David’s working on Nine new projects!! The man is tireless!!!

Eva Longoria Visits Ken Paves!

Eva Longoria stopped by Ken Paves hair salon for a quick hairstyle fix yesterday!

Kim Kardashian’s Got The Dough…Sorta!

Kim Kardashian pulled out a big wad of cash yesterday….Ha! ya, a wad of one dollar bills!!  Some of the photogs let out a gasp when they saw such a big pile of money..but Kim quickly explained “Hey there only one dolllar bills!”

Janice Dickinson Shows Off Her Wrinkly Bag!

80′s Supermodel Janice Dickinson showed off her flashy goods while having fun in Beverly Hills yesterday!

Jessica Alba And Heidi Klum Spend A Day With Their Children!

Jessica Alba spent a nice afternoon with her daughter Honor Marie while Heidi Klum spent the day with her children Leni, Johan and Henry at a local park!

Zooey Deschanel’s Puppy Lovin!

Zooey Deschanel ran into a pack of dogs looking for a little attention yesterday! After leaving her four legged friends she shopped for some new rain boots with her mother!

Nicollette Sheridan Brought Her Blanket.

Nicollette Sheridan was either trying to strangle herself with a blanket… or that thing was mistaken as a scarf! Geez, fashion fopaux!!!! is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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