Mischa Barton’s NOT Dating Jon Sadoff!

Misha Barton took to her blog MischaBarton.com to inform the tabloid magazine’s that she is not dating rocker Jon Sadoff from the group thenewno2! Wait what about the gossip blogs!!!


3 Responses to “Mischa Barton’s NOT Dating Jon Sadoff!”

  • ……..ONLY LOSERS DO, folks!!

  • fall says:

    Who cares ?!
    My friend recommended me a very interesting place *** MillionaireLover Com *** It’s where wealthy singles looking for someone to enjoy their wealthy lifestyle with.

  • Rynn says:

    How sexy she is! But I just heard someone said on Yahoo group that she is a member of an online site ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM***. U know it is a dating site just for singles to look for interracial relationship……….
    OMG if it is true!!!

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