Heidi Klum’s Pants Are Super Fugly!

Heidi Klum spent her evening shooting a commercial in Beverly Hills yesterday! Afterward she put on some pants that looked like they wear stained with my old toothpaste! Eeek! Sometimes i wonder what celebrities are thinking when they get up in the morning and look in their closet!


3 Responses to “Heidi Klum’s Pants Are Super Fugly!”

  • baddd55 says:

    Well, I do not think that they think….I am a movie star, I am a model, I make 500 million a year so I am going to go around looking superior and gorgeous all day long…

    I think it might be something like, “Oh man, look at that zit. I don’t have anything going today, I think I will wear some comfortable jeans.”

    I mean, they are ONLY people, though they are treated like gods……….they are only people for god sake

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