My New Life Is Worse Than Jail!

According to “The SunBritney Spears‘ new documentary “On The Record” shows an unhappy Britney claiming that her life is now like Ground Hogs Day! So i guess she feels like Bill Murray all the time now! Don’t things get better towards the end of that movie?

4 Responses to “My New Life Is Worse Than Jail!”

  • Bored in Illinois says:

    Yawn, are we supposed to feel sorry for this wreched idiot?

  • elvagreen says:

    Ever saw a one sorta like this one on ___ MillionaireLover Com ____ It’s where romancing with the rich singles!

  • Maybe it’s time for her she meet REAL-LIFE here, folks!!

  • I think that Britney needed to hit the bottom to realize there was a top. Perhaps, she is living a very protected life right now, but I do think that it is for her best interests. I think that when someone has everything at their finger tips, it is difficult to challenge that mentality and that is perhaps why she feels unhappy.
    Ms Blonde

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